Meet Lesedi – A black-belted graphic design ninja at Breeze Website Designers in Johannesburg, South Africa. In this video he explains the ins-and-outs of of being a design guru, as well as how he creates stunning visuals that not only wow the client, but also adds value to the projects he partakes in.

Fun facts about Lesedi:
– A serious football fiend.
– Loves cold milo and nuking his cheese sandwiches.
– Intrigued by the hustle and bustle of city life.



Video Transcription

Lesedi, Male Subject:

Oh, Hi! My name’s Lesedi and i’m a graphic designer and overall creative at breeze website designers.

Well, I’m sure you’ve been wondering how do we go about creating all those amazing brand identities and logos. Our creative process is very simple.

Step one: The brief. Well, it all begins with you, the client. The brief gives us an understanding of everything the client wants, their goals their style and their ultimate objectives.

Step two: Research. As with all things, a little planning goes a long way. That’s why we at Breeze Website Designers go to great lengths during the research phase. Researching gives us insights into the clients business, their industry, their competitors and their target market.

Step three: Concept generation. Now we get to the fun part. Concept generation is the stage where creativity and inspration come together to create amazing concepts. We use traditional and digital media to exeecute concepts which are not only visually engaging, but communicate your brands objectives.

Step four: Feedback. this is the stage where we work very closely with the client. Don’t like this here? Want to move this here? No problem. Feedback allows us to refine the logo to its final stage.

Step five. The presentation. This is where we reach the end of our awesome journey through the creative process. The final presentation is the stage where after all those hours of coffee and googling, the client can finally be wowed by their amazing corporate identity.

Everyone knows that great design is a partnership between the client and the designer. So, if you’re in need of a brand spanking new corporate identity – give us a call. So that we can get together to think, create and inspire


Is your business the life of the party? No? it’s probably because you don’t have an animated video explainer yet. An animated video explainer allows you to convey a high-impact message that engages your viewers. Not only will they remain on your website for up to 4 times longer, but you stand a better chance of converting that viewer to a potential client. The best part about it: it works for you without your constant supervision. Sort of like an automated salesman. what’s better is that it helps you convey complicated topics seamlessly and effortlessly. Now, you don’t have to get all tongue-twisted when delivering your elevator speech, only to be met with cynicism and glazed over expressions. confidently whip out your smartphone and wow your future clients with your animated video explainer!


Voice-over artist: Damon


Male voice-over artist:

Let’s face it; in business today, you have to get ÜBER creative to stand out. So what do YOU think it will take to get noticed, reel in clients and boost sales? You could do the chicken dance… Or you could streak through the streets in a yellow polka dot bikini…Maybe you could shout from the rooftops with a loudspeaker. Or maybe you could just do it the easy way and get an animated explainer video from Breeze Website Designers.

Scared that it will be like pulling chicken teeth? Well, lucky for you with BWD it’s actually a breeze. Here’s how we’d go about to create an animated explainer video for you:

First we’ll hook up with you to make sure we understand EXACTLY what you want to say and achieve. Then we’ll go deep into the think tank to brainstorm some really cool concepts for you to choose from. We’ll then dip our pens in ink and write a script to deliver your message perfectly. Our illustrator ninja will then sketch a storyboard scene by scene to illustrate your story. This way you can easily see what the video will look like and still have your say on what we should change. After that we’ll get down to the more complicated stuff. We’ll conjure up visuals, characters, backgrounds and text to bring your story to life. We’ll then let you make your pick from our male and female voice over artists to give your story a voice. And then we’ll arrange for it to be recorded. After that it will be time for some serious fun. We’ll mix it all up with motion, music and sounds to add that oomph you need. And finally! You’ll get your own unique video in HD format to upload and use wherever, whenever.

So are you ready to get your message across like no other can? To reach thousands of people in no time? To drive people to your website and up your google ranking? To have a sales tool that will work for you 24/7- for time to come? Then hop onto the hot, hip and happening band wagon. Get an animated explainer video from BWD right now.

Do you have questions about your website – Questions that keep you up at night? is your website smart enough, or elegant enough? Does your website appeal to your customers and how do you know which sections of your website work together or not? is it designed well and how well does it advertise your products or services? besides quelling these concerns, a good digital agency will put your mind at ease, taking the burden of the over-technical aspects of your website and placing it on ours. A good agency will advise you about what works best and will take the ideas you have for your website and bring them to life. We’d like to explain what a good digital agency does to improve your website. This little video sums up exactly what a good agency should be – To help you touch, create and inspire!





Text: Need a website?

Text: No problem!

Text: We’ve got you covered

Text: This is what you get Text:

Responsive website design, Content for any device [google screen appears on screen

Text: Visitor Tracking (Google Analytics)

Text: Interactive google map, Wherever you are

Text: A dedicated account manager, To take care of your needs

Text: Free stock images, Value at it’s best

Text: Get in touch for websites that… are easy to navigate

Text: Get in touch for websites that… generate sales leads

Text: Get in touch for websites that… sell your products and services

[BWD logo appears on screen]

[BWD website address appears on screen]

Hi Lesego,

You probably have first-hand experience of the fact that people don’t buy what they don’t understand. For this reason, we’re pleased to announce that BWD has hired a full-time video animation specialist by the name of Kyle to create what we’d like to refer to as ‘animated explainer videos.’

To get you as excited as we are about it, we’d like to share some of the marketing wizards’ stats about online video marketing with you… Such as the fact that it’s been proven that people are much more likely to watch a 2-3 minute video online, than actually READ content. And that 65% of users visit your website after viewing a video. But what really floats our boat is the fact that online videos make it possible for you to target and reach hundreds or thousands of people in a short space of time. And that without breaking the bank!

You also might be interested to know that BWD is now officially a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (formerly Digital Media & Marketing Association). What it means for YOU is that we’re able to easily stay abreast of all the latest and greatest breakthroughs and technology pertaining to everything digital marketing in South Africa.

Another recent development at BWD is that our offices now boast some cool new wall murals in our design studio and our boardroom. If you feel like a break and a cup of coffee, feel free to pop in and take a peek.

We also still offer free studio photo shoots on the last Tuesday of every month. To book your spot, click here.

Finally, an article of mine was recently published on Young Business Leaders. So if you’re keen to have my two cents’ worth about how to create a transformation in your business, go to:

Creatively at play.

Bongani Gosa
Creative Director (Breeze Website Designers)

Your website is the digital gateway to your company. Making sure that your website attract the right type of customer is paramount. Websites automate what was once an arduous manual interaction between you and your clients. presenting your clients and customers with the correct content and information, as well as a pleasing design, could mean converting a client before they’ve even met with you. That’s where we come in!




[BWD logo appears on screen]

Text: Website design what is it?

Text: Meet Lesedi

Text: Lesedi owns an engineering firm

Text: Lesedi wants to grow his business

Text: Bongani tells Lesedi that he needs a website

Text: Benefits of a website

Text: A website advertises 24/7 365

Text: Stay ahead of the competition

Text: Increase your credibility

Text: Increase your profits today

Text: Get a website today

[BWD contact information appears on screen]

[BWD logo appears on screen]




Taking your brand online is an exciting task. Getting your message out to the rest of the world however, is even more exciting. Your brand not only reaches more people in a shorter period of time, but your content is everywhere, touching the lives of others and their businesses. your content is consumed so rapidly that within the blink of an eye, thousands – if not tens of thousands – of people are exposed to you and your ideas. now that truly is something worth being excited over!

Email marketing allows you to connect with large amounts of people in an instant – to interact with and keep your clients and customers aware of your brand, as well as, to engage with them and be aware of the goings-on on their world.




[BWD logo appears on screen]

Text: Email marketing, What is it?

Text: Meet Eddie

Text: Eddie owns an accounting firm

Text: One day eddie was wondering about his clients and how to reach them

Text: Then… Eddie finally remembered

Text: Email marketing from BWD

Text: But Eddie didn’t understand the benefits

Text: Drive up sales with email marketing

Text: Build relationships with email marketing

Text: Build brand awareness with email marketing

Text: Lower costs with email marketing

Text: How we do it

Text: Planning, Research

Text: Design, Content writing

Text: Implement, Publish newsletter

Text: Optimize, Ongoing testing

Text: Reporting, Campaign & monthly reporting

Text: Send better emails

[BWD contact information appears on screen]

[BWD logo appears on screen]

[BWD website address appears on screen]

Differentiating yourself in a competitive market means that you actually have to be a cut above the rest. It means that you have to be creative and inspirational to your peers around you and it means that you have to create engaging content that acts as a homing beacon – content that helps you stand out. Content that helps you become the best. With a video, you are offered the opportunity to showcase your personality and your flare; to help your audience put a name to the brand. Taking those videos online however, helps you put your brand on the digital map, allowing others to find you, follow your brand and engage with you. Online video marketing is your golden egg.




Text: Life has become fast and busy

Text: People have become more web savvy on internet

Text: Video is where your customers are spending time

Text: Video marketing is the latest trend

Text: Video marketing is getting bigger and bigger

Text: A minute of video is worth 1.8 Million words

Text: The chances of getting page one listing on google search increases by 53% with video

Text: On average a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video

Text: By 2017 video will be 90% of all traffic

Text: 87% online marketers use videos

Text: 65% visit the website after viewing video

Text: And make purchase decisions

Text: Over 1 billion unique users visit youtube every month

Text: 87% social media users follow their brand’s videos

Text: Posts with video links will attract 3x more visitors

Text: Online videos are 100% more social engaging

Text: Online video can get you more click through rate

Text: More exposure

Text: More social engagement

Text: 46% more conversion rate

Text: 139% more brand impact

Text: If your brand doesn’t produce videos

Text: Start now

Text: Consumers are watching them

Text: Consumers are following them

Text: And making purchase decision based on them

Text: If your business do not have video

Text: You are behind the competition

Text: We are experts in creating online videos

Text: We help you get the most out of your website

Text: We are experts in video infographics, product demo videos, viral marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing

Text: Contact us now, we will change your business for ever

Text: We are experts in creating online videos

[BWD logo appears]

Did you know that the number of mobile users will surpass the number of desktop users by the end of 2014? yes, you read correctly – by the end of this year more users will view your website on their smartphones than on their computers! does your website look good on your phone? in fact, whip out your phone right now and have a look. I don’t mind waiting.

A responsive website means that more users will be able to enjoy the experience of visiting your website on their phones. Happier clients mean more sales! Making sure that your website degrades well onto devices with lower resolutions is key to ensuring that your website traffic grows. Even here at BWD, more users access our website on their mobile phones than desktop users do. I’m sure you’re even viewing this on your phone right now (if not, please do – it looks very cool and it’s healthy for your phone :P). A good responsive website a day keeps the web bugs away, is what i always say!




Female Voice over artist:

So, right now you’re probably wondering, “what is the responsive design?” Well, in today’s world, internet is one of the world’s most important forms of media and the internet is mostly consumed using desktop computers, right?

But wait, how about mobile devices, smartphones and mobile tablets? the share of internet usage on these devices is growing every day.

In 2011, mobile browsing took a share of about 11%. Last year, it was near to 25%, and the prediction says that this year it can actually overtake the traditional desktop browsing.

So what do all these numbers mean to you? Well, it means that if you don’t want to lose any potential clients, then you need a great looking website which is also optimized for mobile browsing.

Because the current problem with many current website is that the user experience on mobile devices is… well… how do I put it?… Terrible! And, that’s a mission for responsive design.

Responsive website responds to the screen-size of the device your are viewing it on. So, instead of creating different websites for different devices, your responsive website rearranges the elements to fit any screen.

so, you’ll get more happy visitors which also leads to more happy customers.

Interested in responsive design? want one of those responsive websites for your business?

Well, that’s something we can definitely help you with.

[Show BWD logo]


Starting and successfully running your business today is attributed to many factors. Five years ago, one would never have thought that Search Engine Optimisation would be one of the most important contributing aspects to the success of your venture. Being found online is the single most important feat in the digital world we live in, especially now that everyone is interconnected one way or another. In this little video below, we demystify search engine optimisation and explain how it could benefit you and your business – increasing your productivity and your sales.




[Background music starts playing]

[BWD logo appears on-screen]

Text: Search Engine Optimization, what is it?

Text: Meet Sbu Text: Sbu owns a law firm

Text: Sbu wants to generate more sales leads

Text: That’s when Nicole told Sbu about SEO

Text: How can SEO help you?

Text: SEO helps people find you on Google

[Google screen appears on-screen searching for “lawyers Johannesburg”]

[Google results appear, Sbu is on top]

Text: Serious about generating sales leads?

[BWD contact information appears on screen]

[Social media icons appear on screen]

[BWD logo appears on screen, website appears on screen]

[Music stops playing]