Explainer Video

Behind each explanation video is the hard work of a talented, dynamic team of creative professionals including script writers, illustrators, designers, animators, voice talent, sound designers and more.

How It Works…

Video Animation Process

Let’s break down each step of the process.

  • Research
  • Script writing
  • Storyboards
  • Voice over
  • Design and animation
  • Sound design and sound effects
  • Final editing

Corporate Video Production Process

There are the relevant steps taken into account when setting prices for our videos:

  • Research

After meeting with the client and gathered all the required information for the creation of the production.The graphic designers then develop:

And these will serve as the blueprint for the video production.

Overall Design Production

Taken into account is the overall style of the video, the target audience ,mood ,goals , budget, script, storyboard and then proceed to plan the production accordingly.

  • Pre-production
  • Graphics Design
  • Visualizations
  • Equipment

One of the major cost factors in a production is the equipment.

  • Post-production
  • Additional costs


Every production company prices things in their own way, but this process above is how we at BWD determine the cost of a video production. So when you purchase a video explainer, you’re not just simply buying a video, you’re paying for a proven and effective process.

For more detailed information on how we price our corporate videos:

Video Marketing

How is Video Marketing Beneficial for your Company?
Companies tend to forget that Video marketing is a very powerful tool, especially when deciding how they want to spend their marketing budget.

Here are benefits of using video marketing for your business:

  • Your video has the ability to go viral
  • Using Google’s search engine as an advantage
  • The power of engagement
  • Increases brand awareness

To put it even more plainly, you’re paying for the results you’re going to end up with.
To find out more about how video marketing can benefit your business, visit https://www.bwd.co.za/blog/the-power-of-video-marketing/.

Do you have more information on Video Animations?

Yes, we do. On a regular bases we share useful video animation related information on our blog to ensure that our clients are educated about how we work.  We try to cover topics around frequently asked questions relating to video animation. You can view our blog by here.

Do you know how we create outstanding video animations?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not only will you get an outstanding animation in terms of illustration & animation, but you will also get an animation that is designed to help you reach your goals – close more sales, reach a wider audience.

The whole process usually takes around 4 weeks.

Yes! We’ve produced Animation videos in more than 10 languages.

Unfortunately, We do not offer a discount for providing materials at this time. Integrating VO tracks and scripts into a video is a time-consuming process which requires intense attention to detail and an expert’s skillful eye for a premium end result without “cutting corners”.

No. The style of artwork and animation is the result of over eight years of fine-tuning for a premium end product. We will exercise full creative freedom to deliver an amazing video in that style. Asking us to use another style will lead to a poor imitation and a substandard product.

The videos we create will be created once you have given approval to the storyboard and script that we provide. This is your final opportunity to request design or VO changes. The only exception to this rule is if we make a mistake or oversight —a rare occurrence— we will immediately fix this for you.

On average, the production of single “explainer video” with a duration of 1-2 minutes, which takes 5-8 weeks. The whole process consists of multiple stages, which are individually and efficient to the video viewing.

There are 60 seconds long videos. Why? To put it simply, people’s attention spans are shrinking. A 60-second video rat-a-tats the information they need in that short window of opportunity. As people grow more sophisticated with online marketing, they simply want the “elevator pitch”.

We offer professional expertise and a one-stop shop, end-to-end video service. Our pricing represents not only the superb product quality that you will receive, but also timely delivery and the complete absence of micro-management. Others may cut corners… but still take your hard-earned dime in the end.

Once you have ordered, I will send you a form to fill in with your project details. After this, we will schedule a call at a time convenient to you to discuss the project in more depth and get a full debriefing. No inbox messages to deal with here–just a streamlined consultation.

We create the original artwork myself using Adobe Illustrator, which is then animated by hand using Adobe’s After Effects for a unique, one-of-a-kind video. Your video, in other words, is 100% customized from the bottom up. Templates are a great tool–but will never come close to custom creativity.

The final price is dependent on a number of different factors. It includes things like the duration of the video, the language, topic, production time, voice over actor fees and animation style.

We create every kind of videos that contain animation: Premium Explainer Videos | Animated Series | Educational Videos | Music videos | TV & Cinema Commercials | Product & Launch Videos | Communication and Training Videos | Animated Infographics

A good “explainer” outreaches the stiff templates and not only explains but also skillfully encourages a recipient. It’s beneficial to order such animation from a professional studio, because a good explainer not only will advertise your product, but also will contribute to building your sales.

The list is almost endless: Education, Entertainment, Finances, Government, Television, New Technologies, Healthcare, Human Resources, Mobile Application, Manufacturing & Logistics, Non-profits/NGOs, Charity/Social, Products and Retail, Pharmacy, Consumer Products, E-commerce, etc

We don’t differentiate the complexity level (all our videos are advanced). | We’re flexible in regard to the clip’s duration. | Our main focus is on the effectiveness of the video. | We guarantee a dedicated Creative Direction (Art Director) | Up to 8 revision rounds | Fully dedicated illustrations

We put a lot of care and creative energy into every aspect of production, and it shows in the final product. Basically, our videos aren’t cheap because we don’t make ‘cheap’ videos. Our videos are high-quality, made by high-quality people with high-quality technology. And that costs money.

When we talk about Explainer Videos, we suggest to never go beyond 90 seconds.Otherwise, people may lose interest on watching it. Even tough we specify some of the durations, we always like to define that shorter is always better. If we can send your message efficiently in less time, it’s a win-win

We offer 2 rounds of feedbacks as a way to guarantee our work is aligned with your company’s voice. Revisions are adjustments done based on feedbacks received from you, after the presentation of any phase, during the project development.

Short answer: no, we don’t. We believe every brand and video is unique, this way all our animations are custom based. Even if you have some templates or stock images we will develop something unique for you.

Even tough Voice Over is very common in the industry, we are very adepts of the idea that images and movements can tell a good story without any word. It’s usually “harder” to produce a video without Voice Over, but it’s something we are very passionate about.

Why not? We know you are the one that knows best about your business and we’ll definitely have you in our process. To create a successful project we need to combine yours with our expertise. We will need you to provide us with contents and goals so we can craft the best animations possible.