The Power Of Video Marketing

The Power Of Video Marketing


Companies tend to forget that Video marketing is a very powerful tool, especially when deciding how they want to spend their marketing budget. They often spend the money on static designs and posters as well as online banners, which do bring in a lot of traffic however it doesn’t stimulate the viewer’s mind into trusting them or their company.


Your Video Has The Ability To Go Viral

With ever growing social media platforms like Youtube and Vine, realistically speaking your video could go viral. This means it could become a trend and generate even more traffic then you ever imagined to your company. Videos are easily shared and spread around the world with a click of a button you could become famous in a matter of days.


Using Google’s Search Engine As An Advantage

When a person searches for something on the net they are looking for the quickest most efficient way to get all the information they need, that being said, I’ve realize that people will rather watch a short video than go through a bunch of search results and reading articles. Videos play a big role in helping people understand quicker. Life is fast paced and clients’ do not have time to read a “Ten page” essay on why they should trust your company or product. You will have the ability to present your company to people around the world in the form of a video.


The Power of Engagement

Your video will have the power to increase traffic on your website, it will allow users to understand you better and trust your service. By capturing the users attention you increase the possibility of your video being shared and of your product/services being suggested to other people. It is more effective than text in this sense as it requires less effort form the viewer.

This goes hand in hand with Education as some people learn in different ways. They use visuals to stimulate their mind so they can optimize their learning ability. If given a simple step by step guide, users will be able to remember important information more easily as their minds will associated different colors or sounds subliminally and assign them to different information, where as text is just plain black and white and you need to use more effort to remember that information.


Increase Your Brand Awareness

A video is the perfect way to advertise your company. By the use of motion graphics, you can make your company look like it has a personality rather than just a corporate machine. The advantage of this is that It is easy and reusable and can be used on multiple platforms such as Web, Television Broadcast, Business Presentations and social media.



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