Statistics South Africa



Statistics South Africa is the national statistical service of South Africa, which produce  statistics for the development of the country. The aim is to create a microsite for StatsSA which will display the main StatsSA Community Survey for 2016.

The idea

The idea for this website design is to create an informative modern looking website. The website should be able to show all important stats and information. The website should be modern simple and easy to use. The website should also be interactive with a few animations to give the website some movement.


In order to achieve this, the website is designed with the requirements needed to show the relevant information on the site. Upon landing on the site the user will see a slider about StatsSA. Underneath the slider is a section with 5 services which when hovered on will display a short description about the service.

The main colours have been subtly used throughout the site. Icons and images have been used to display information. Each section of the page has a subtly interactive element to it where the user can click or hover to read further information.

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