Super Star Graphics Designer

We’re looking for a graphics designer with a great portfolio and minimum of 3 year experience.


  • Amazing portfolio. (If your portfolio is not amazing the please do not apply)
  • Sense of humor.
  • Must have excellent attention to detail
  • Qualification in visual qualification and three to 4 year’s experience.
  • Must be fully competent in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign
  • Full understanding of all relevant social media platforms


  • Website design

Personal Skills/Attributes

  • Proactive and creative individual that is driven, hard-working and disciplined.
  • Flexible, adaptable and A team player

Market related

Please send your portfolio to Sibusiso Radebe on
Date Published: 15 June 2016

Marketing Strategist/Strategic Planner

Our new sister company BWD Advertising is looking for a strategic thinker.

Your role as a junior marketing strategist will be to act as a catalyst for great ideas, and you must be able to transfer these ideas into new growth opportunities in the digital and media spaces with existing and new clients. We want a person who can artfully lead a team to find the smartest story that answers the assignment.

A person who understands how strategy can help identify key performance indicators that will meet all goals and performance measures. We want a person who is always reshaping the assignment, improving the output, working on the next thing. And we won’t complain if you know something about other media mediums too.

– A strong knowledge of communication and brand strategy beyond traditional channels are of utmost importance
– Thorough research skill in: brands, markets, business and competitors with exceptional skills to effectively and strategically lead a brands business objectives along with complete creative strategy with creative teams and clients to produce the best possible advertising strategy to award-winning standards
– Complete communication, advertising and strategic planning capabilities and experience
– Thorough understanding of communication processes and relevant development stages
– Confident presentation skills
– Has an overall responsibility for understanding consumer issues, leveraging insights, writing briefs and conducting briefings on several brands, and the ability to mentor and train others in the same pursuits
– Delivers relevant recommendations to clients that incorporate accountability metrics across other disciplines


The personality
• Passion and positive energy that resists the temptation to be miserable when things get tough
• Ability to provide big picture strategic thinking, vision and insights to drive big ideas and digital initiatives
• Thinks of digital with a sound strategy in mind rather than a trend
• Relishes debate, finds possibility where there is none, and worries about the wrinkle that others ignore
• Despises the path of least resistance, and embraces leadership
• Eight to ten years of experience

  • A brand strategist: You are focused on the consumer, but even more interested in what makes them human. You have a need to look beyond the category to see what larger life issues are at play and understand how a given brand can best intersect with those larger issues.
  • Who is digitally fluent: You have a passion and strong ability for unearthing behavioural insights that make sense of the way consumers interact with brands in the new digital age – to drive innovative game changing strategy. You have experience in crafting digital / web personas. You understand how to craft compelling user experiences/ online consumer journeys and how to integrate the on and offline worlds. You understand and appreciate the role of web design and build /web presence /online advertising / content / video / search /SEO /SEM / mobile / social media. You have an appreciation and ability for reporting/analytics. You are just as comfortable working alongside an information architect or user experience designers as you are a traditional creative team. You keep abreast of the trends, developments and innovations in the digi-sphere.
  • And able to move effortlessly between traditional and digital. You fully believe that the integration of digital into the more traditional aspects of communications is fundamental to future of marketing.
  • Can create briefs that stimulate ideas, not paper:  You understand that creative output in the TTL / digital world is often about creating a multi-dimensional experience.  As such, you’d much rather think of your briefs as experience briefs than creative briefs.

Education Requirements
Must have studied those theory type of marketing qualifications like Strategic Brand Communication, Marketing, Communication, etc.


  • 2 years+ from TTL agencies
  • proven track record in new business and leading the planning input on TTL / digital pitches

Market related

Please send your cv to Lesedi Radebe on

Date Published: 02 January 2016