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Weldun Media responsive website


The concept for the Weldun Media website was intended to communicate a sense of vibrancy, creativity, simplicity, movement and modern sophistication. These ideas were approached through the use of clear, emotive, colourful and industry specific images at the onset of the website. An interactive slider welcomes the user to the website, encouraging both movement and more information to be introduced as the user scrolls. The nature of this particular slider strives to hold the user’s interest at this point in order to begin ‘experiencing’ the creative essence of the company and its offerings; the user is ’allowed’ to enter the rest of the site through this pivotal point.


Yellow has been chosen as a highlighting colour of the website to convey a sense of brightness, vibrancy , optimism and creativity to compliment the simplicity, style and modernism of the ‘Weldun black and white’. Darker, yet still vibrant shades of colour add a more sophisticated and professional feel accented with a mid to deep purple that further works in harmony with the yellows.


Images of the company founders and directors have been included in order to promote trust and validation for the average web user. This is coupled with a dedicated section for client testimonials and a moving carousel of client logos. A quirky counter has been added as a conceptual element to attribute a sense of personality and real time results to the website. Web users are afforded the opportunity to relate to the creative work experience and some of the day to day processes involved. How many cups of coffee does the average creative consume a day to manage the demanding and fast paced work load?


The quality and diversity of Weldun’s portfolio has been previewed through the addition of a gallery containing images and content sourced from the Weldun Media Vimeo channel. Interviews, activations, client campaigns, commercials and brand or company promotional videos have been showcased as a starting point, this section can be updated with the most recent projects and could include anything from design, illustration, animation or social media. This range of  documented work will complement the diverse service offerings of a growing and dynamic company to an industry of film production and content distributors.

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