Leading Innovation: T-Systems, Powered by Deutsche Telekom

Driving T-Systems disruptive movement – The digital transformation

T-Systems forms part of the Deutsche Telekom group of companies, which sets the company apart in the industry in that they are able to deliver cost effective solutions by combining Information Technology and Telecommunications.

T-Systems introduced the Un-Outsourcer Solutions offering. It is an approach that seeks to transform our experience of digital and disrupt the industry. By changing the way technology solutions are delivered, Un-Outsourcer Solutions is challenging the industry and epitomising a ground-breaking ideology

The challenge

The challenge was to design a go-to-market campaign strategy for the Un-Outsourcer Solutions offering that speaks to both internal and external stakeholders whilst communicating the disruptive ethos.

The big idea

T-systems aims to fill a gap in the market by being disruptive and the unique magenta colour was applied throughout to demonstrate their commitment to doing this and serving their clients, by focusing on their individual clients’ needs and requirements.

Execution and messaging

We were able to create an engaging and fun communication experience for T-Systems stakeholders across multiple platforms and touch-points. We consistently used the distinctive magenta colour to drive the message of disruption and solidify brand presence.

Magenta is a strong and inspiring colour. It may seem outrageous and shocking at first but it also communicates a message of innovation and imagination. It is particularly attractive to those who do not conform and go against the grain to disrupt and deliver superior results.

The website – We designed a website that is simple and structured neatly. The website has a modern, fresh look and is visually appealing. It is technological representation of T-Systems that further drives the galvanizing ethos of disruptive.

Email Invitation Artwork

T-Systems invitation artwork on mockup.

T-Systems email invitation artwork

Pull-Banner and Wall-Banner Artwork

T-Systems Poster and banner artwork for individual presenter stands.

T-Systems-Pull-Banner-Security-Connected 2

Security Connected


Network Security Services

T-Systems-Pull-Banner-Security-Connected 3

Security Connected


Transforming the Automotive Industry


Magenta Security


Commercial Flexibility – Digitization, made simple


T-Systems Smart City


Health Care


T-Systems Smart City


INTOUCH Technology 2016


Customer Experience


Magenta Security

Print Brochures


Event Introduction – Animated Video

We transition to a 10 second countdown which leads to a cinematic style reveal of the InTouch Technology 2016 information.

Cinematic Introduction to the T-systems InTouch Technology 2016 Event

Countdown to T-Systems Logo Reveal

Voice Over Artist: –
Animator:  Shivesh Boodhram, Venus Bambisa
Director: Sibusiso Radebe

Event Keynote Speaker Introductions

We wanted to create a sense of visual impact while still keeping inline with the T-Systems CI parameters. We decided to use white, magenta and grey as the colour composition for this video. We then added an upbeat dub-step soundtrack to complete the whole experience.

Your Host Speaker Aki Anastasiou

Your Host Speaker Mpumi Nhlapo

Welcome Note Speaker Gert Schoonbee

Digital Transformation Speaker Pieter Geldenhuys

Un-outsourcer Speakers Mike Buttner & Mpumi Nhlapo

Cloudifier Speaker Collin Govender

Cloudifier Speaker Marc Fletcher

Magenta Security Speaker Dr. Andrew Hutchison

Connected Drive Speakers Claycia Johnson & Micheal Frans

Voice Over Artist:-
Animator: Venus Bambisa, Shivesh Boodhram
Director: Sibusiso Radebe

T-Systems Services Sting

Time Lapse Video – Stand Build

The Purpose of this particular visual was to inform event attendees about the different services that T-Systems offers. We had to conceptualise an interesting way of showcasing each piece of information in way that is subtle on the eyes but also appealing. We decided to use bursts of colour to reveal each service.

Hard work, long days and multiple cameras made it possible to bring this time lapsed video to life of how the T-Systems events stands were built.

Voice Over Artist:-
Animator:  Shivesh Boodhram
Director: Sibusiso Radebe

Customer Experience Video

A whiteboard animation explainer video. This video clearly demonstrates how Robit can help make their customers lives better with its helpful functionalities.

Voice Over Artist: Damon
Animator:  Kyle Gani, Shivesh Boodhram
Director: Sibusiso Radebe

T-Systems Healthcare Info-graphic Animation

We animated the T-Systems Healthcare Solutions Info-graphic, demonstrating each section of the service and the benefits that come with it.

T-Systems Nation Building Journey Video

This video takes you through every step of the Nation Building Journey.

Voice Over Artist:-
Animator:  Venus Bambisa, Shivesh Boodhram
Director: Sibusiso Radebe

T-Systems Magenta Security Overview

An overview of Magenta Security by T-Systems.

T-Systems Magenta Security – Spear Phishing

This video informs viewers about possible threats they face everyday and how T-Systems Magenta Security will help secure them.

Voice Over Artist: Damon
Animator: Shivesh Boodhram
Director: Sibusiso Radebe

Microsite Mock-ups

T-Systems responsive website

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