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The lines and shapes of the Ncoded logo inspired the design for the Ncoded profile. Triangles were a chosen shape to represent the diagonal lines found in the Ncoded logo. The logo colours are also used in the profile design. Relevant imagery was used to in the design with horizontal lines to give the images interesting triangular shapes.



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Website Design




The aim is to create a website for Ncoded, the website needs to be dynamic and unique and tie in with the corporate identity of the company.

The Idea

The idea is to create a website which looks both professional and technological. It needs to also have a vibrant feel and movement. The corporate identity needs to be shown in the site in terms of colour and energy.

 The Execution

To achieve the goal, the look and feel of the site ahs been made to look vibrant and dynamic. The colours in the website have been taken from the logo as well as vibrant elements from the logo have been used throughout the website. Diagonal lives can be seen used throughout the website as well as bright colours and interesting elements such as icons and diagonal borders around information sections.



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