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The Tshepy Boutique Logo and Corporate identity was intended to reflect a merge between global and local retail brands to communicate a sense of style, quality and quirky sophistication. This has been managed through a clean and minimalistic logo design complimented by rich browns and a signature pattern arrangement. These dark colour choices attribute style and quality as inherent to the Tshepy Boutique brand where the signature pattern adds a definitive quirky yet sophisticated character and feel- a quality present in many of the product choices of the boutique. The logo design lends itself easily to product and/or stationary imprinting, as does the signature pattern. It is recommended that the printing of the CI elements is of high quality and includes either embossing and/or foiling techniques.

Each stationary item incorporates the logo and signature pattern in a simplistic and modern way and is available for use in either light or dark versions where appropriate.  High class imagery has been chosen for use with the logo on social media platforms to begin to place the product within a landscape of sophisticated style and fashion choices. These are some of the themes and ideas that will continue into the design of the Tshepy Boutique Website  Tshepy Boutique Website

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