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The inspiration for the Creative Blackground logo is the clients desire to create a sophisticated logo, which emanates a sense of simplicity and quality, whilst offering a slight hint towards what it is the brand offers.

The concept behind the logo design is based around the creative arts, specifically audible arts, such as music. The iconography in the logo borrows elements from the F-holes and contours of the client’s beloved cello.

Particularly highlighted by the use of the f-holes as the base spine of the “B” whilst the right sides contours of the cello serve as a blueprint for the form of the “C”.


Website Look And Feel

creative blackground responsiveness


The Creative blackground website look and feel is dominated by a strong desire to communicate to the viewer, what it is exactly, that the brand has to offer.

The entire layout structure and, accompanying content is geared towards giving the user an initiative/familiar experience, whilst inspiring a sense of novelty and intrigue, Through the use of contemporary design elements.

The layouts play between black and white, is used to arch back to the name and Identity of the “Creative Blackground” brand.

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