Whiteboard Animation Explained

Whiteboard Animation Explained

Whiteboard animation is a process through which companies and retailers can display their services and goods through an entertaining contemporary animated story mode. Whiteboard animation techniques, provide simple yet engaging videos that are one of the best ways to connect with a target audience.


One of the major benefits for marketing companies in the use of this method of story-based advertisement delivery is that this media type is a great way to target younger, tech-savvy, consumers who typically have higher levels of disposable income.


Traditional vs Video Animation Advertising


Traditional advertisement methods such as Television, Radio and print media advertising is becoming less effectual at reaching younger consumers in today’s society. With research suggesting that under the ’40s are watching less television and reading fewer newspapers and glossy magazines than similar cohorts in previous decades. To replace the time spent immersed in traditional media the consumers in this demography are now much more likely to be a high-frequency user of YouTube video output.


To ensure that consumer fondness of the video content provided by online platforms is not a wasted opportunity for marketers, a media method that excels at capturing your attention to increase site visitor dwell times, and that can convey a message or explains concepts in a matter of seconds is of vital importance.


Why Whiteboard Animation?


Typically whiteboard animation productions should run for “a Goldilocks period” of around 90 seconds. Too short a video creates the risk that a company’s message may be lost within a blur of facts and figures, and a production that is too long is highly likely to lose the interest of the viewer.


The highly engaging style of a whiteboard message means that customers are most likely to view enough of the advert in order to make a conscious purchasing decision about the item in question, where other content may be more easily skipped over by people who are becoming ever more time poor. This makes the production of whiteboard animation content a vital ingredient in any multi-pronged marketing strategy.


Here at BWD, we have developed our range of whiteboard animation techniques that have led us to become one of the market-leading providers of animated explainer videos. There are many benefits of pursuing whiteboard animation videos as part of your businesses wide range of marketing strategies.


The use of whiteboard animation videos is an extremely effective way of capturing your potential client’s attention. The quirky nature of these simple yet engaging videos means that they are extremely effective at capturing the attention of potential clients in a way that allows short messages to be conveyed and remembered.


The captivating nature of Whiteboard animation allows advertising campaigns to be brought to life in a way that traditional 2-D methods may fall short. In comparison to other media methods, whiteboard animation adverts are affordable and shown to produce good rates of returns on investment for marketing company clients.


Some of the uses of whiteboard animation videos to market content include having the potential to boost the Google Search rankings of output, as well as driving additional website traffic to your site. Many whiteboard animations have gone viral, this potential means that the budget nature of this advertisement could derive your company huge benefits for an affordable outlay.


Whiteboard animations can be customized in an effective manner to suit the product or message that you are trying to merchandise or convey.


Style/Types of Videos


Many different styles of video are available, including; Cartoon animation, motion graphics, and 3D animation. BWD aim to provide the perfect video for your company every time by offering a comprehensive video production service that aims to assist clients with the creation of embryonic storyboard designs, through to the development of appropriate scripts and when necessary the sourcing of professional voice over actors, so that your companies message is delivered in the tone and clarity that matches your company ethos.


The Costs


The cost of whiteboard animation marketing techniques is minimized due to the employment of an on-screen actor being unnecessary for the production of these videos, yet complex messages can still be conveyed. It is widely acknowledged that customers that view whiteboard animation videos are more likely to buy your products, so please don’t delay in contacting us here at BWD in order to bring your next concept to life.