WordPress vs HTML Which Is Best For You

WordPress vs HTML Which Is Best For You

Owning a website today is paramount for anyone aiming to make a living on the internet.

Look at it like this. A website is your digital portfolio. It may house your business, work resume, blog, or other digital assets. More than that, creating a website is easier than ever. Virtually everyone should own one.

With that said, the two popular ways to own a website are by creating your website from scratch or using a website builder such as WordPress, Wix, BigCommerce, etc. In this article, we’ll help you decide which way of creating a website is best for you, coding your website from scratch with HTML, or using WordPress CMS. Let’s get into it.


What you need to know about WordPress

WordPress is one of the best content management systems with over 25 million users. It offers a hosted service for setting up and launching your website.

With WordPress, just about anyone; beginner and expert can set up a functional website in a matter of minutes. WordPress provides you with endless functionality and customization options for creating your website from start to finish without any technical knowledge.

Now, bear in mind that WordPress two different platforms; WordPress.com [http://wordpress.com/] and WordPress.org [http://wordpress.org/].



WordPress.com [http://wordpress.com/] is a self-hosted domain that provides you with thousands of plugins and integrations for creating your website and managing your web content. While WordPress.org [http://wordpress.org/] is an open-source CMS that allows you full control to design and create your website. However, with WordPress.org [http://wordpress.org/] you’ll need a bit of design and web development knowledge to manage your website.

The next important criteria to consider when setting up a website is the cost.

Both WordPress platforms have considerable cost-effective and more than that offer a tonne of value.

WORDPRESS.COM [http://wordpress.com/] offers a free subdomain, if you want a personalized website for your blog or online store, you’ll be required to choose a plan to register a personalized domain, $4 for a personal blog to $45 for eCommerce.

While WordPress.org [http://wordpress.org/] allows you free download. It offers more control and customization. And like we mentioned, it is best suited for more technical persons or web developers.



* Offers free website plan
* Ease of use
* With a tonne of plugins and integrations, WordPress is highly customizable
* Easy setup and management
* No technical knowledge needed to maintain your website
* Access to automatic updates and system support teams and we’ll as manual management with WordPress.org [http://WordPress.org].



* Limited access to themes and plugins
* inability to monetize your website on a free plan
* No access to backend and customization options


What you need to know about HTML

HTML stands for a hyper-text markup language. It is the basic programming language for building a web page or website. It contains commands that can be used to inserts different elements that make up a website.

However, for building a functional website, HTML is used with a combination of another coding/programming languages such as CSS, Javascript, or Java – depending on the type of website project.

HTML allows you to establish the basic structure or framework of your website.

CSS helps style the basic framework of your website developed by HTML. It controls the visual appearance and how the content’s layout is present to your web visitors.

JavaScript is used to add functionality to your website. It controls the behavior of different elements based on your web visitors’ actions.

With these programming languages, you have the freedom to develop your website to your exact specification.

Note that – although creating your website with HTML costs you nothing, you’ll need to have specific expertise to create a fully functional website. This takes time and effort. You’ll also have to manage your website and content manually, which requires technical know-how.



* You have full control of your website and customization options
* It doesn’t cost you anything to get started
* HTML website uses fewer resources
* Little need for backups



* Requires technical Know-how and time, not beginner-friendly
* High maintenance cost if you don’t have technical coding skills


Comparing the cost of creating a website with WordPress, HTML is absolutely free. However, when we look at the cost as it relates to time, WordPress makes sense.


Which is best for you?

For the technically sound with a design and functionality preference, using HTML is worth looking into. However, if you are an absolute newbie, WordPress can get you started in record time. However, your final decision will boil down to what type of website you’re looking to build, your target audience, and the nature of your business.

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