Video Marketing: 3 ways to go from viral to relevant

Video Marketing: 3 ways to go from viral to relevant

Did you know that every minute, there are over 100 hours of video that is uploaded on YouTube? There are over a billion users on YouTube that amounts up to about one third of the world’s’ internet population. One would mistake these stats as those of a platform that makes videos become overnight sensations, viral videos as some would call them.

Since 14 February 2005 the inception of YouTube, videos have become more and more influential in the corporate world. Viral videos are the past and now YouTube channels are the latest trend that viewers prefer.

With great power comes great responsibility and the odd myth or two that audiences will entertain. YouTube has come under the light when talking about using it as a corporate tool.

Think with Google recently posted an article on The latest YouTube stats. The article speaks about where, when and what people watch on YouTube. It delves into some myths portrayed on the video giant.

Debunk Myths


The first myth that people tend to entertain, is that people that watch YouTube on their mobile devices usually watch during the day and only on the go. This myth is supposed to discredit the fact that YouTube is a credible platform that organisations can invest in and use to create awareness for their brands or organisations. The reality is that YouTube viewing is more like TV viewing and users use it at home, during prime time and for horizontal viewing.

The second myth is that YouTube is only for watching viral videos. The reality is that users may end up spending a lot of time on YouTube for numerous reasons. Some use it for educational purposes, streaming music or watching music videos. They would be even caught watching shows trying to catch up on missed episodes. YouTube boasts a lot of different visual information that one can want over and above viral videos.

Interesting fact is that YouTube has cemented its role in the consumer purchasing decision.

Why your videos aren’t being watched?

Ever uploaded a video on YouTube and days later not a single view or even a like? A few months later and 30 videos later and still no change. Well although YouTube is a platform that has over a billion pair of eyes watching. Audiences are picky on what they want to see and they pay attention to what interests them.

So before you go and delete your channel on YouTube or blaming lack of video success on viral videos taking preferences consider the following:

Your fan base does not exist – the first mistake people make is that they think any video will create a stir and when you check on the amount of people that subscribe to that specific channel they are little to none. So first create a following to your channel. Work on your audience so that you can have someone watching.

You’ve based your goals on viral videos – The word itself has a negative connotation and any video that has become ‘famous’ and I do use the word loosely, has to be to people latching onto the wrong reason the video was made. This is why viral videos have an expiry date and they don’t last. Make content that is consistent and has a purpose. Give your audience a valid reason to want to share your video (because it’s good). As the quality of your content increases so will the views.


Self-promotion is a recommendation – the last thing a viewer wants to see is a click on tab in the middle of the screen urging the viewer to purchase your product while your brand is supposed to be making a point on the screen. Respect your audience and give them an experience not just a sales pitch every video.

Optimize your videos so that they can be easily discovered – There are so many ways in which you can make sure that video gets picked up. I know you must be asking how I optimise a video. Well it’s not like text which it’s easy to use to expose your post. So for a quick and easy way in get into optimisation start here.

Understand how corporate counts to 10

These are the list of benefits your company/organisation or brand can count as valuable to your marketing budget.

  1. Cheap – Forget spending loads of money web hosting for a large amount of videos, once your video is uploaded on YouTube, you can link that video to your website
  2. Mass Audience – YouTube is available to a wide audience a billion to be exact
  3. Loyalty towards your brand – Customer love a brand with a story, a brand that is real, sharing your corporate videos online gives the customer of a view of your corporate culture.
  4. Coach your customers – Teach your customers on how to use your product or how they can benefit from your offering.
  5. Search engine – YouTube belongs to the largest search engine company in the world which means your brand or organisation will benefit from the exposure.
  6. Brand awareness – You can customise your YouTube channel to represent your brand. With the large audience means more people can be exposed to your brand.
  7. Easy to measure – YouTube offers analytic options so that you can evaluate the success of your videos.
  8. Hear from your customers – Most online platforms offer the option for your customers to communicate with you so it gives you the opportunity to know what your audience thinks.
  9. Be innovative – If you don’t recreate or go to new and charted territory how can you expect to stay afloat in this competitive environment.
  10. Easy to use – You don’t need a lesson on how to use YouTube, it’s as simple as using Google.
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