Inbound Marketing – How We Do It At BWD

Inbound Marketing – How We Do It At BWD


We can’t argue the competitive nature of the marketing environment. The trick lies in knowing how to get the relevant information to your target audience.  Before the dynamics of the marketing game changed, marketers had to search for their customers. Inbound marketing flips the script; here you are given the opportunity to let your customers find you. One of the major objectives of inbound marketing is increasing sales, which is achieved by directing traffic to your website through content marketing.


You’re probably wondering, why inbound marketing? Well, there are multiple advantages but I’m going to highlight affordability. When you pitch to your head of Marketing and Finance departments, their first concern will be the budget and the costs related to this suggested marketing strategy. The best thing is, you can tailor make your content to suit your budget. Below is the methodology we use at BWD for our inbound marketing.


  • Attract – Strangers



The idea is to influence people who have had no interaction with you, get them to acknowledge your existence, paying particular attention to your product/service. We use effective tools such as blogging, SEO – effective use of keywords and social media posting.  After these strangers have interacted with you through your content, they immediately become visitors. Now that they have given you their attention, it’s up to you to impress them with your content.


  • Convert – Visitor to lead



Any marketer will tell you about the challenges of converting a visitor into a lead. This is where the landing page does all the work on your behalf.  You want your visitor to get a clear picture and understanding of what you’re about in order to simplify their decision making process. 


The question then becomes, “how do you ensure that you make it to their list of options?” Calls to Action get the visitor to take action. After your visitor has been surfing and searching, ultimately the goal is to have them contact you. You can also make use of forms as a means of getting the visitor to convert to a lead.


  • Close – Lead to Customer



You have done well thus far. After converting your visitors to leads, you now need to convert your leads to customers.  Making use of a Customer Relationship Management system increases your chances of success in interacting with your prospects. Apply this and you might just be updating your list of customers.  


  • Delight – Customer to Promoter



Do not cut ties. The point of this stage is to keep customer engagement flowing. To create opportunities for business in the near future, a chance for up selling, as well as showing your customers that you haven’t forgotten about them. A valued customer is a happy customer. Use this opportunity to strengthen customer relationships, doing this increases the level of trust and improves their perception of the brand.


This is where your customers become your advocates – word of mouth, referrals and recommendations. Remember to use surveys as a tool to get feedback from your customers as well. You can also engage with your audience through social platforms, who knows, they might just give you a call the next time they need one of the services you offer.


We at BWD, create customer focused content guaranteed to yield favorable returns in due course. If you want to drive the right kind of traffic to your website, you should consider investing more on your inbound marketing methodology.