How to Prepare for a 90 Second Video Interview

How to Prepare for a 90 Second Video Interview

With so many traditional and unconventional ways to market your organization nowadays, corporate video shoots are often overlooked for fear of being time-consuming and daunting.

Well, worry not; it need not be such an unnerving task to seamlessly produce top-notch promotional videos with these simple guidelines, no matter the size of your organization.

Understand the Purpose of Your Video

Here we look at the best possible way to tell your story; through your interviewee and your content.

The Individual you select needs to be someone in tune with the core competencies of your business; an individual who not only understands but also resonates with its history and can eloquently communicate this. This can be the CEO, Director or an Executive/ Managerial member of your team; anyone who has a high-level and specific comprehension of the vision, mission and key objectives of the business.

Types of Questions You Should Prepare for?

Remember that a video communicates best within the first 10 – 30 seconds. To get ahead of the curve, try to highlight your best selling points from the onset by devising an elevator pitch that answers the following;

  • Introduction – your name, surname, and position in the company?
  • What makes you unique or sets you apart?
  • What does your company do? (Key selling points)
  • Why is what you do important?
  • What is the history behind your organization?
  • What is the meaning behind your company name?
  • What are some of the company’s future plans/goals?
  • What do you like about your industry?


Sync Up with Your Videographer

For that extra touch in ensuring that you’re well prepared before the shoot takes place, communicate with your videographer and provide them with any additional brand material they can use to enhance the quality of your production.

These may range from video clips, which are already existent and can be edited into the video to enrich its message. Additionally, high-resolution photos of your products, venues, projects, awards, staff, diagrams, & visual presentations that showcase the work you do, can be factored in to bulk up visual content appeal.

Where your Video Shoot will take Place and For How Long?

Determine a location where there won’t be unnecessary disturbances; i.e botanical gardens are not the way to go.  Opt for a neutral, controlled environment wherein videographer, interviewer and interviewee can work efficiently. A soundproof, warmly lit office boardroom or meeting room, with a banner, logo or attractive wall imagery provides the perfect backdrop for any subject.

The interviewer should be scheduled to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the interview to set up and round up the team in preparation. The average corporate shoot takes between one (1) to two (2) hours; everyone involved should best block off that time to allow for seamless execution without disruptions for meetings.

Additional Interviews with Testimonial Clients

Herein lies the pièce de résistance. Nothing says “ crackerjack” like words of praise from your peers. It’s best to leverage off this opportunity to have a select few of your best clients, subtly, brag about your service offering.

Ideally, initiate the conversation well ahead of time (a few weeks in advance) to avoid disappointments or double bookings. Also, remember to communicate a gentle reminder within the week of the testimonials so all your interviewees are well-prepped.

Wondering what to ask them?

Now is the time to really put your best foot forward, focus on open-ended questions that allow them to elaborate on their satisfaction, such as:

    • What was their experience working with your company?
    • How have you added value to their business?
    • What did they find were the best aspects of working with your company?
    • Would they recommend your services to other clients?

What about Wardrobe Selection?

First and foremost, wear colours, which are complimentary. Certain hues may compliment your skin tone, whereas others may wash out one’s complexion and dull out your natural aura. Fashion Beans provides some great insight into what works best for which tone in gentlemen and In Style has all the insider tips for ladies.

Style your hair in a professional manner. There are a time and place for an impressive mohawk & pigtails, it’s called the weekend. For professional shoots, rather select hairstyles that naturally contour to your face and head shape so they don’t detract from the primary focus.

Wear make-up you usually wear and feel comfortable in. Both ladies and gentlemen may want touch-ups prior to a video interview. It’s crucial that as the interviewee, you feel comfortable in your own skin, it translates on camera. Opt for a natural look, which you can transition into your next meeting with, sans discomfort.

DO NOT wear shirts with small stripes and blocks as this creates moving lines on the video, which is very distracting for the viewer. You want to captivate your audience with your words, not your blouse. To be on the safe side, select two solid colours for your primary items, top, and bottom.

No large branding other than your organizations. This is also a marketing opportunity, which you should, ideally, capitalize on. A crisp white or golf shirt with your company logo on the left or right breast pocket does wonders for your brand presence.

Remember, YOU are the Connoisseur

Perhaps most important of all, this is a prime time to shamelessly promote, not only your organization but also your expertise within your particular industry. While the questions, dress code, location, lighting, and testimonials are all very important; what ties it all up is the confidence you exude as an interviewee and the natural flow of insight you’re bound to bring forth to your peers.

Let us know if you have any other handy tips on how businesses can get the most out of their promotional corporate video shoots?

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