How To Batch-Create Your Marketing Content (and save yourself hours of time!)

How To Batch-Create Your Marketing Content (and save yourself hours of time!)

Time is precious, we all know that! And each second of an entrepreneur’s life counts. To ensure that you are not wasting your time on social media, you have to use it wisely. Over the past few years, digitalization has changed the way a business performs. There is no denying that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can change the whole game of your business marketing. But what is the most important thing in a business marketing campaign? Of course, it is the content as it is the backbone of successful marketing. We have heard that content is everything but what exactly is this content’? How to batch-create your marketing content (and save yourself hours of time!)


What is content marketing?

Whether you are using an offline (such as magazine or poster) or online marketing, content is everything. Content includes what you write for the campaign, the images/videos you are using and the keywords. All these represent your brand. Producing good content can help you to change your business marketing in a good way. The key to great content is being simple, genuine and always consistent. Creating a lot of contents for your business is a great idea. So, how can you batch-create the marketing contents?

What is batching?

Before we dive into how to create, let us be clear about what batching is. Batching means grouping of some similar tasks that most requite same resources for seamlessly perfect completion. In simple words, batching content means creating more content in lesser time with least effort and stress. Batching can create a lot of backup contents for your business marketing. So, you can use those contents when something really urgent comes up and you need something by the deadline which is otherwise impossible to achieve.
With these contents, you can take your audiences towards your business and land them on a page where they can purchase something to increaser your sale. Definitely, batching help you in managing the time spent on creating contents much efficiently. It allows maximizing the output while reducing the distraction. Now, the main question is – how to plan a successful batching?


How to batch-create contents?


  • Set a scene: When you are working, you will need a peaceful and quiet workspace without any interruption or distractions. These include shopping deliveries, email pings and alerts or notifications on your phone. You need to block-out all these for 3 to 5 hours and work on the content. It will take about 15 minutes to let your brain to focus completely on the work.
  • Don’t set any unrealistic goals: It can be really hard for you to fall short and give up quickly if you tend to set some high goals. It is important to set some realistic goal if you are working for the first time. This can help you to work more efficiently and succeed in a better way.


Here, you have to start by creating a complete plan for your contents. Take out a year planner to be dedicated to content planning and mark out the essentials:

  • The key dates or the shows or the launches of your business
  • The main events which are relevant to the core audiences
  • Seasonal events celebrated (Youth Day, Easter and Christmas etc.)
This will help you in having a clear idea about the contents to focus on for the next few days or weeks


As you have the entire plan ready, you can now see all those key dates and events coming up. So, it is time for you to build the content topics related to those events. The main thing that a content writer has to do is to brainstorm some amazing and unique ideas for creating the contents. Then, you have to categorize the contents into 3 main parts:
  • Contents for attracting the audiences for interacting with you
  • Contents for building better trust and relationship
  • Contents for promoting your business’s products and services
This is the hardest part of the entire process and people often get stuck in thinking of some of the best ideas for the contents. It doesn’t have to be perfect, always. You just make sure it is present and is interesting.


Final Words

Now, when you know how you can batch-create the marketing contents for your business, you need to know some essential tips. First of all, you need to have a proper keyword research tool to find out the best and most relevant keywords. The next thing is that you have to use Google analytics to know how your previous contents are working and what you need to do to improve them. You must keep the contents somewhere between 500 to 700 words if you are creating batch-contents for your business marketing.
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