BWD Marketing Podcast: Intern Nompumelelo Mdluli

BWD Marketing Podcast: Intern Nompumelelo Mdluli

We interview our super talented graphic designer intern Nompumelelo Mdluli to find out how was her experience at BWD.

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Woman: Hi guys, my name is Nompumelelo Mdluli, I’m currently a third year student at Boston Media House graphic, I’m studying graphic design and advertising. Yeah, that’s what I do on the daily so I’m in love with both. Why did I choose to become a designer? That was not really a choice, was it really a choice? Yes, it was. Okay, I guess so. Well I wanted to become a designer because I just wanted to help people communicate. You know, I wanted to help, because sometimes when you explain something verbally it doesn’t really make sense, but when you see it visually that’s when it kind of feels like, okay, wow, now I get it. So a lot of people have problems with verbal communication, a lot of that. So graphic design puts almost everyone at east because everything is self explanatory, so yeah.

I consider myself to be an illustrator designer, does that even? Yeah I think that’s how they call it. I love illustrations because everything has to go on paper first before execution and all of that. So yeah, I love drawing and illustrator does the best. It brings the art to life in a digital manner. So I don’t have to go in and color, color. Yes, so yeah, I love illustrations. What I’ve learned during my internship at BWD is that you have to be confident as a person or a designer, whatever it is, designer, copywriter, all of that you have to be confident. You don’t have to compare your work. Also that you have to ask for feedback so one of the staff, the colleagues was like, that advice that he gave to me was you have to dive fast so when you’re given a project you have to dive fast. Meaning that you have to execute it quicker and finish it on time or before time, actually, so that you can get feedback and move on, gain more experience by doing that. So yeah, and then another thing is that, what?

Yes, you have to have a great sense of humor because the BWD is like, they’re great people, they love laughing, making jokes and all of that. Yeah, so, and you have to practice whatever it is that you major in, you have to practice every day. Practice is important. Well, working with the BWD team is the best thing ever. Well, I’ve been with other companies before but their teams were like, okay, they’re teams. They’re like, okay. But the BWD team is like they’re fun, they’re fun people, interactive, you know you can never have a dull moment with them. And yeah, there’s this guy they call [inaudible 00:03:35]. Yeah, okay. He’s one of those, you know, he was, yeah, a crazy one. And he’s a fun person to have around. You name all of them, they all have different characteristics and they’re the best in their own individual ways. So, yeah.

I loved working with them and feedback was great, and yeah, they’re helpful in every way. They’re helpful. They can never say no, I’m too busy when you ask for something. Even though they may be busy, but they’ll never say no. They’ll just come and help you. So they’re great people. What I think is important when working with a team is communication. And yeah, communication is the best because I think it’s very important because you have to constantly communicate and interact with these people. There’s no saying that, I mean, if you had to play in a team, soccer team, you have to pass the ball, the soccer ball, to everyone else. You can’t just kick it to yourself. So what’s important is communication. That’s how you communicate so that you get feedback and all of that. Communication, yeah, it’s important.

Okay, my advice to the upcoming third year students who will be looking for an internship, I’d say when you go to a company, when you apply for one, apply at a company where, you have to know the company where you apply at. And another thing, when you got the internship already you just make sure that you learn as much as you can within the short period of time that you’re given. So yeah, learn.

Thanks guys, for this. I hope it was a great one and I hope it’s really helpful, and in the future when you see this, yeah I really hope it will score you some points and help you with your internship. Thanks.


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