Best Day to Send Email

Best Day to Send Email

There a science to email marketing, but it essentially depends on whether you are marketing to a consumer or business audience.

  1. Which day of the week is best for sending email?
  2. What time of day is best to send an email?

These are questions one gets all the time regarding email marketing, there is a science behind B2B email marketing and it goes like this:

  • Tuesday gets the best response in B2B marketing it reflects Monday/Friday being meeting days Tuesday is usually peak day for web traffic too, so take this into consideration when planning your email marketing campaign.
  • The ultimate measure of a B2B email campaign should be the CTR (Click Through Rate) in any campaign there should be a call to action once the the viewer has read through its details.
  • Scheduling your email to arrive on your clients email within work hours is essential, email lifespan is relatively short, after 24hrs in the inbox a message has no chance of being opened.
  • Subscribers are likely to open emails after 12pm and the most active hours are between 2-5pm.

These strategies are a good place to start, but they won’t help you if they don’t serve your audience. Know who you’re writing to, and the content of your email marketing campaign.

Don’t neglect to have careful consideration of the Subject Line, Content Layout, From Name and Headers, people first scan information before they read through the details, it is critically important that you give thought to these as it will influence the Open Rate of your email.

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