7 Proven Ways To Improve Your Google Ranking

7 Proven Ways To Improve Your Google Ranking

Everyone wants to be #1 on Google. That is the goal, or it should be the goal of everyone who owns a website. But it takes time. A Lot of time, actually. It takes much time and effort to improve your rankings and visibility on Google. Many people assume that if they build a website and put it online, it will immediately show up in the Goggle search, and they will get a flood of visitors to their website. This is especially true of eCommerce websites selling things.

This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. The websites that are first on google are not new. It took them years of hard work to get to where they are. And they followed pretty much the same plans to get there. Some DID get there faster than others, and those developed aggressive strategies to improve their Google rankings. These strategies are things that anyone can put into place. And if they follow them faithfully and aggressively, they can improve their Google ranking. These strategies may still take time, and it could take a couple of months or even a year to have an impact. You need to keep working at it and not sit back and wait for it to happen. It’s an ongoing process that takes diligence and consistency.

Here are some proven strategies to improve your Google ranking

1) Start On The Right Foot

Perform a technical SEO audit on your site. Google uses many things to figure out what ranking to give to a website. Taking care of basic search engine optimization is the best place to start. If you know how to do this, then you can do it yourself. If not, there are dozens of good companies that specialize in SEO that can do it for you. Some are quite pricey, while others are pretty reasonable. It will depend on your budget.

2) Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

The majority of people online are searching on their phones. This trend will only continue as phones become more advanced and cheaper. Make sure your site looks good on a mobile phone. And make sure your loading time is fast because people have short attention spans and will click out if your site takes to much time to load. Google also now uses loading speed to determine rankings.

3) Focus on Links

It would help if you fixed all your broken links. People do not like being directed to 404 pages. It makes for less than ideal user experience, and Google is all about user experience, so it does not like them either. Also, you should have many internal links on your site that lead to other content on your website.

4) Choose Keywords Carefully

Do proper keyword research. MOZ and AHREFS are good for that. Choose low to medium competition keywords and consider long-tail keywords. You will have a better chance of ranking for them.

5) Backlinks

Backlinks are vital for Google ranking. Google considers backlinks as authority for your website. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the more authority Goggle will assign to your website. Consider Guest Posting on other websites in exchange for a backlink. Choose high authority sites. Do not buy backlinks even if it’s tempting. Poor and spammy backlinks can hurt your ranking

6) Have Amazing Content

Content is vital to rankings. Google will rank great content high. Consider putting fantastic content on your site frequently. You can even have good quality Guest Posters on your website to help with content. The more quality content you have on your site, the better!

7) Give Attention To On-Page Optimization

Be creative with your Titles and make them brief and one of a kind. Your meta descriptions should invoke curiosity and make them want to click on your site. If you skip meta descriptions, then Google does it for you, and it’s not always relevant. It’s better to do good ones yourself.

These are some great ways to improve your Google rankings. Don’t expect results overnight. But with patience and diligence, you can move up in ranking, and your website will get the traffic you want. Don’t give up after just a short while. If you hold out, the results will get there, and your site will do fantastic in Google search.

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