New Corporate Identity? Where To Start…

New Corporate Identity? Where To Start…

Designing a new corporate identity from scratch can be quite a challenge, as there are numerous factors and elements that must be taken into consideration. The identity of your business can have a profound effect on how the business is represented and perceived, which can in turn play a role in either the success or failure of your company.

This article is aimed to inform you of the processes and steps that a designer needs to follow to create your corporate identity, as well as a few tips to evaluate the strength of your corporate identity.



The logo forms the basis of your corporate identity. To effectively conceptualise a logo that captures the very essence of what your company is about, your designer first needs to obtain as much information about you and your business as possible. Background research is therefore an essential part of the process that needs to take place before design can even commence.

Through conducting extensive research about the space that you operate within, the designer’s mind will open up to new ideas that will aid the design process and ensure the he or she conceptualises a unique and authentic concept for your identity.



Research proves, that in modern times, audiences connect with brand personalities, even more than with its services. It is therefore crucial for you to help the designer understand what your brand stands for and what your brand objectives are, right from the word go.

Amongst others, the brand objectives involve your company’s beliefs, philosophy, character and image. It speaks to how you engage with your world and how they experience you. Ultimately strong brands build trust, instil customer loyalty and lead to repeat business.



The logo is no doubt one of the most important elements of your corporate identity, as it is designed to evoke instant recognition. Your logo can make a substantial contribution towards clearly differentiating you from your competition. Plus, it gives the buyer or client insight into who and what your company is about.

If designed intelligently, a logo is therefore an element that can communicate the overall character of the company, almost instantly. It is also a powerful visual tool to attract potential clients and communicate the key positioning of your business in a snapshot.



Choosing the right font, whether it is for your company website or corporate elements, can have a profound effect on the overall look and feel of your corporate identity.

Helvetica is an example of one of the most common fonts used by designers because it conforms to the principle of ‘less is more.’ The typeface and the logo go hand in hand when it comes to the reflection of your company’s value and character.

The most important factor for choosing the right typeface, is that it needs to be easily readable, whether it is on a website or in print. A stunning font that is aesthetically pleasing but difficult to read, will defeat the purpose of a logo completely, as it will make it harder for people to understand what your company is about and let them lose interest in the process.


Colour scheme

This may not seem so important but the colours you choose also make a bold statement about your company and how you run your business. When you consider your colour combinations, make sure it represents your corporate values and strategy. A good example is using green as one of your primary colours if your business revolves around environmentally sustainable products. This is because it is a colour that is associated with anything eco-friendly.


Quality in any design is very important. If your company offers great quality products or services, there is a greater likelihood for clients to return to you for repeat business. But quality is a combination of the services you render and the client’s perception of you. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the quality of your company is reflected in your corporate image and designs as well.

High quality designs can have a long-lasting impression on your company’s clients which may very well lead to refer other clients to you as well. And as we all know; few things instil confidence like a word-of-mouth referral. Best of all, it is a form of marketing that is completely free!

So next time you need to have a corporate identity designed, do take these pointers into consideration to evaluate whether the identity truly communicates who and what your business is about, and whether it will yield the business results you are aiming for.

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