How To Use Video Marketing To Delight Customers

How To Use Video Marketing To Delight Customers

How to use video marketing to delight customers Marketing has transcended the times where one only gave mere information for the purpose of promoting goods and services. Customers these days tend to appreciate visual exhibition or graphical display of products and services. For example, any customer looking forward to purchasing a new electronic product will be more driven an enticed by a video demonstration of what purpose such product stands to serve.


Video marketing is one in many things and benefits. It stands as a source of entertainment, as well as an effective publicity tool. Owing to the modern medium of broadcast, a service provider or product manufacturer stands a better chance of reaching out to the world via video broadcast by his loyal customers. The inclusion of videos as a means of marketing strategy goes a very long way to wow your customers. For those who have an already existing website, it won’t be difficult keeping your visitors longer on your site. They will appreciate your site and products even more. Videos are self- explanatory of your products and services. A video marketing strategy will stay longer on the mind of a customer than mere words or write up. How to fully engage video marketing as a marketing strategy.


Engage Your Customers

The recent social media frenzy can be of great benefit to you. It is easy these
days to get your customers to promote your products. It is simply called customer testimonial. It works by asking your customers to make short videos of how best they have enjoyed your product or service. When this is done, they will share same on your site or any other social media platform run by you. Others get to view these videos and thereby patronize you. This circle continues so long as you keep encouraging them to create more videos. There is no harm in attaching incentives to videos with the highest views.


Videos of Appreciation

Ever done something for someone without being appreciated thereafter? The feeling can be so demoralizing. So it is with your customers. Every customer will naturally feel he is doing you a favor by patronizing you. Thus, there is a natural expectation of gratitude. They deserve to know how much you appreciate their patronage. Thus, it will be highly necessary to create videos that express your appreciation to those loyal customers of yours. This is one way of keeping their patronage consistent. You may even choose to stretch further by personalizing your appreciation. You can achieve this by specifically mentioning the names of those very loyal customers of yours. New customers should also benefit from this gesture. It makes them have that feeling of being welcomed. Celebrating your customer builds a unique bond. You can do this by celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries by way of short videos.


Update Videos

Every business that is a going concern will definitely have to review its products and services. These reviews are gotten from feedbacks from
customers as well as the observed loops in operations. Thus, there is always a need for product and service upgrade. These upgrades can be further explained to customers by way of short videos. These videos provide knowledge to the customers on the improvements made and your commitment to satisfy their growing demands.


Product Descriptive Videos

descriptive videos are not different from what we first said. This kind of video merely explains your product in detail. It could also serve as an operating manual, especially for automobiles and electronics. It teaches users how to set up the product; as well as showing the user how best the product can and should be operated. It is often used to answer frequently
asked questions from customers. This can be achieved by using a member of your team to make a short video of your product. It is advisable to keep the video as short and simple as possible. There is no wrong in splitting the content of your video into series.


Service Descriptive Videos

This is no different from product descriptive videos. This basically refers to service-oriented businesses such as tour guide, cleaning services, delivery agents etc. thus, a short descriptive video of your services and mode of operation is very necessary.

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