How To Hook New Customers With Your Animated Explainer Video

How To Hook New Customers With Your Animated Explainer Video



As Human Beings we are hard-wired to detect motion. People would much rather watch a video on something rather than reading through pages of information.

It is the reason why companies like Youtube are so successful. It’s the reason why most  people will rather watch the movie than read the book. People love to be amazed and impressed by visual stimulation.

1.Good Explainer Videos use Motion to Inform and to Entertain

With so many different Animated explainers popping up you’ve probably asked yourself, what separates a “good” explainer video from an “okay” one?

Well, the proper use of motion graphics and timing, combined with a

WHO, WHAT and WHY formula will do just that. You need to introduce and tell us about your business in less than a minute. You need to tell the audience …

1.Who you are

2.What you do

3.Why they should use your product

The power of a good explainer will awaken one of our most primal instincts and that is to detect motion. If it is done in an entertaining way the viewer is more than likely to watch your video to the end.

2. Good Explainer Videos can Evoke or Provoke an Emotion

Try to capture your audience on an emotional level. Your video should appeal to their feelings in one way or another. It might be a good idea to create a main character and build your story around your character’s life by incorporating their problems and how your business or product helped them. Good explainers give the impression of a mini short film.

Humor is always a very good example of this. If you can make people laugh then you already have their attention. Don’t be afraid to use Humor as a tactic but do so sparingly as too much humor can have a negative effect on your message.

3. Good Explainer Videos combine Live Action with Animation

Its always good to combine your animations with nice clean footage, something along the lines of an interview of an employee sitting in a comfortable surrounding and promoting your product in a friendly tone, this gives that personal touch of human interaction.

Bare in mind that your overall style should be incorporated in the name and graphic overlays which will be on screen while your footage is playing.

4. Good Explainer Videos influence You to Buy or Use a Product or Service

If your video is about a particular product that you’re offering your audience then you should depict it a way that persuades them but still allows them to trust you. People might not have needed your product but after seeing your presentation they might just impulse-buy it.


Try to have that warm human connection when promoting your product. This enforces that trust you created so far with your video.

5. Good Explainer Videos let People Know You Exist

A good explainer video is basically a full time employee who is constantly advertising your company. If it is easily accessible on the popular social media platforms and people are able to view it then this will give your video maximum exposure through sharing and posting.



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