Bongani Gosa on Sunday World Newspaper

Bongani Gosa on Sunday World Newspaper


A big Thank You to Sunday World for putting the spotlight on small business.

Questions & Answers Mismatch

On the article some of the answers were matched with the wrong question. These are the joys of face-to-face interviews. I’ve matched the answers to the correct questions on the section below.

What challenges does your agency face at the moment?

Getting more clients that operate in the Business to Consumer(B2C) space. B2C companies advertise regularly and have bigger advertising budgets. These are companies that sell consumer products like soap, food, insurance, alcohol, clothes, etc.

What are you medium term goals?

To grow BWD from being a small digital advertising agency to a medium sized agency.

What do you mean by medium size agency?

Small size agencies typically have revenues below the R6-million mark. On the other hand Medium size agencies typically have revenues of above R12-million. We would like to be a medium sized within 3 years.

What has been the biggest change in the website design space since you started the company in 2006?

There is no need to create mobi sites anymore. As website design agencies we now create responsive websites that are able to adapt to the size of the device being used, this includes smartphones, iPads,etc (Smartphone complaint) .BWD prides itself in creating great looking responsive websites. We have an explainer video on our website educating clients about the concept.

What would you like to get from this interview that can change your business?

I would like to appeal to marketing managers of bigger companies to afford us the opportunity to pitch our services so that we can showcase our creative capabilities and capacity. BWD has a bunch of talented, passionate, qualified & experienced individuals just itching to sink their teeth into B2C digital advertising projects.

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