Why Paid Social Media Is Your Fast Track To Awareness And Engagement

Why Paid Social Media Is Your Fast Track To Awareness And Engagement

Law firms who want to make a big impact in a highly competitive market will often find it is at the marketing stage where things get toughest. For small and medium-sized firms, lacking the famous brand names or in-house marketing departments of the large players, this is particularly so.

Of course, there are many ways in which a smaller law firm can improve its marketing efforts. Ditching traditional methods, which have been highly unsuccessful in recent years, is an obvious start. Replacing them with a more modern digital strategy is undoubtedly the way forward. But the question remains: what form should this take?

In answering the question, a few key points should be noted:

  • A strong digital marketing strategy will benefit any law firm.
  • Social media is a powerful tool in this, with tens of millions of users

As well as deciding which platforms to use – since their demographics and formats vary – there is also the question of whether to focus on organic content or use paid social media. For many firms, the paid social option could turn out to be a very effective choice indeed.

Why organic and paid social media are different?

Organic social media content is generated using free tools on different social media platforms in order to build an engaging social community and interact with people. Everyone can like, comment, and share your posts with public access, and you can also respond to their comments.

For example, publishing tweets or a Facebook story is organic. There is no charge from Twitter or Facebook for publishing your content from their platform.

Paid social media involves you paying the network for displaying adverts:

  • These can include text, image, video, carousel, and other mediums.
  • The cost depends on the type of ad planned to display on a platform.
  • For example, if you choose the bidding strategy for your ad as auto CPC (cost per click) you’ll only be charged when someone clicked on your ads. 


How does paid social media work for law firms?

For law firms who want to get noticed can go a long way towards raising their profile with a great digital marketing strategy.

However, if you want to gain more clients online in the shortest possible time, paid social advertising can help you achieve the goal. Compared with organic content, which can take several months to achieve your goal, paid social media campaigns can help SEM law firms to reach their potential clients quicker and receive key results much sooner.

What paid social media advertising channels to exist?

A wide range of channels exists for you to place your paid social media advertising on. 

  • Facebook Ads
  • Advertising on Instagram
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Online Video Advertising Campaign on YouTube

When should law firms design a paid social campaign?

Before you actually start any campaigns, make sure that you’ve defined your target audiences, understood buyer persona, and had the digital marketing experts in your team to help you speed up the process.

Then you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve through the campaign.


  • Are you trying to raise the brand awareness of your law firm?
  • Alternatively, are you trying to direct more people to visit your website and then generate the leads?

How can you use a paid social strategy to target niche markets?

The service your law firm provides may only appeal to a narrow range of people, but it doesn’t mean you pay fewer efforts to research your target market

Happily, there’s always a solution out there to target each market. Compared with organic social media content, you will receive the key results faster; within a few months or even weeks. We always provide unique services to our clients in order to achieve the best results.

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