Why Do You Need a Corporate Video

Why Do You Need a Corporate Video


Corporate Videos are used to describe what your company does with powerful moving visuals, they can be both live action or animated. The more your customers know about your company the more they will trust your products and services. With videos being shared 1200% more times than text and imagery combined, a corporate video will put you ahead of businesses that are promoting their businesses with billboards, posters and blogs among others.


Let people know who you are

Corporate videos, unlike television or radio commercials, are not limited to 30 or 60 seconds. This means that you can include a lot of information about your Business, or split it into multiple parts describing different areas. While it is best practice to keep them under 5 minutes, that is more than enough time to get your customer to want to make a purchase or refer your business to friends or family. The subject matter is no limitation either, you can give your customers a guide on how to use your service or product, explain your businesses background, teach customers about your field etc.



Your businesses corporate video can be uploaded to youtube, Facebook or the landing page of your website. With Youtube being second only to Google in terms of user traffic and 500 million people watching a Facebook video every day, your conversion rate is bound to skyrocket. Youtube is owned by Google, which means a video that is doing well on Youtube will most likely be found on the first page of Google search. With videos being a lot more shareable than text and image-based content, your corporate video can trend giving you access to new customers from a myriad of social media platforms and search engines.


Training customers and employees

You can save substantial amounts of money in the short and long term by creating a corporate video specifically for training. They are a lot more effective than a training manual and there is no need to pay for an instructor to come to your business every time there are new employees, this is because a video can provide them with a visual demonstration. A lesson can be recorded once and used repeatedly, thus there would be no need for you to pay for an instructor or ask one employee to take their time to teach another. Complex products and services can be taught by video as well, they are a lot more effective because they give the viewer a visual demonstration.


Return on investment

80% of people recall a video that they watched 30 days ago, this is because corporate videos combine three different forms of communication, those include imagery, sound and text. The also serve multiple purposes including:


Videos that inspire people to want to work for your company. The video can tell them what your business is about and also give them insight into what is expected of a new employee.

Social media

Social media platforms like twitter and facebook have people watching millions of hours of video each day, getting your video shared and viewed will quickly increase your brand awareness.

Growth in Video appeal

A Youtube report stated that mobile video consumption alone rises over 100% every year, people want to see videos much more than a billboard or any other text based form of outdoor, indoor, digital or social media advertising.



A video is guaranteed to make a powerful statement about your company, it will give your customers a clear image of where they are putting their money. A corporate video can effectively communicate with your customers, keep them engaged and build their trust.

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