What You Need to Consider Before Creating An e-commerce Website?

What You Need to Consider Before Creating An e-commerce Website?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Or a businessman in need of expansion and success? Experience fast business growth by bringing e-commerce into play. The use of content management systems in building e-commerce websites has brought about a fantastic and positive transformation in business growth nowadays.

With the improvement in technology, web developers have created faster and simple ways to launch and run e-commerce websites within a short period in an economical way. The question behind this is, why is it that few firms still benefit from these e-commerce websites? The secret behind this is proper planning. As an entrepreneur, you need to know more about the kind of a picture your website home page will portray, the audiences, about your products and so many key factors that are essential for your potential customers to get to know about in your business. Here are some key factors to be considered.

Let your design match your products.

When designing your web page, make sure that everything visible in your site perfectly defines your website and the products and services you are dealing with. These things include images, text, color schemes among other features. Ensure that you keep your design coherent with what you are dealing with, so to bring out the overall look of your site.

Content management system choice.

Currently, the main software’s to build e-commerce websites is content management systems. Contrary to previous technology whereby a developer had to code the programs using word Pad, content management systems has ease the web editing process by enabling the users with comfortable environments to add new products, publish articles and edit an existing product without breaking any functionality or features in the process, alongside providing streamline process of creating and managing your website.

Content management systems exist in different forms. Each one of them contains unique features and different modes of operation, ranging from ease of online access to the provision of different classes of feature quality alongside payment terms. The known content management systems are;

-Word press.



-Virtue mart




-Big Cartel

-Virtue mart among other CMS Systems.

Future growth.

The future growth of the business should be the factor that triggers the daily efforts of the entrepreneur. The future growth should be factored in when planning your e-commerce store. During the initial planning stages, the owner should not consider the current situation since it may affect the attention of the prospective clients and limit the possibilities of future expansions. The CMS store should be prepared to handle the current state and also long term growth, though no one can tell how fast the business may grow.

Customer Relations Management.

Some content management systems come with integrated customer relationship management solution also known as CRM solutions. With CRM solution you can gain insight into your customers’ behavior that will allow you to send automated emails, manage to follow-ups, access customer information and handle inquiries.

Guest checkouts.

Check out processes are very important especially when doing follow-ups, updating customers about changes in products and may by the introduction of new products, but its downside is that most customers do not want long processes that involve typing in personal information. Customers want to make quick and anonymous transactions ever, and the sites that require signing up and logging in before transactions may end up losing more potential customers.

Social proofs.

Clients always look for purchase evidence from your site. If your site provides or shows regular proofs of successful purchases and positive reviews from your clients, they will tend to trust getting products or services from your premises.

Web security.

Since you are handling your client’s personal and financial information, implementing appropriate cyber security measures in your site is very crucial. An e-commerce site is very vulnerable to hacking attempts than any other industry.

Purchase a domain name and hosting platform.

The basic thing you need to consider before thinking of any move is the domain name. gather information on how you are going to acquire the domain name, pricing, and any other related information.

Also, you should research hosting platform that favors your site, alongside hosting payment mode and respective hosting cost.

Get a web developer.

To have a perfect web page that sells, consider doing a perfect vetting on web development technicians. You can do these by getting information from top sites and also by referrals from friends.

Let the web developer demonstrate how they will create a stunning web by putting down a layout before the development starts. The web developer is also required to tell the time frame it will take to host the site.

Gather the required paperwork.

Get your legal business registration licenses and vendor licenses before you look for the attorney for assistance in the creation of your business. you must also finish up with your legal taxation agencies before you proceed with your site creation.

Next on paperwork, gather all information about your web content, structure and everything to be involved must be written down.

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