What Is Whiteboard Animation?

What Is Whiteboard Animation?

You’re probably thinking Whiteboard animation is animation that is done on a white board, well, you’re right! The concept sounds easy enough however the practical side to it is a little more complicated.

The process behind it takes a lot of planning and can be very tedious at times. It is not a quick way of telling a story but a simple creative way of telling a story. Ok that sounds contradictory but you’ll understand what I mean soon enough.


Traditional Whiteboard Animation

A traditional whiteboard animation would require a good-sized whiteboard, an artist and some recording equipment. The artist would then plan out his story according to the script and decide which drawings or illustrations he would like to show in his story. He will then begin drawing out the story whilst recording him self. Once all the recordings are done he will edit and compile the footage in order and then add a time-lapse effect to it so it is synced with the audio. This is the practical method of white board animation.




Although being effective, this method doesn’t cater for changes to be implemented easily. You will have to go and re-record, re-edit and r-sync your footage which can consume a lot of time.




Digital Whiteboard Animation

A more modern way of doing whiteboard animation is quickly surfacing in the explainer video industry. This method evolves doing every step digitally. This will require downloading all your assets or creating them from scratch and then proceeding to animate them accordingly. For example: if I have stock footage of a hand sketching, and a downloaded drawing of a character I can easily create the illusion of the hand sketching the character using different masking an animation techniques. It is fairly simple to replicate this especially because the video will have a time-lapse effect so everything is sped up.



This method is ideal when dealing with clients in the design industry. It is faster and it caters for easy changes and tweaks. You also have complete control over every component in the production so i would say this way is more efficient.




Both options will give you a similar result, it’s just a question of how much time you have and what type of story you want to tell. Here at Breeze Website Designers we’re always coming up with innovative techniques to help our clients tell there stories, if you would like a whiteboard animation for your business don’t hesitate to contact us




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