What Does An Advertising Agency bring to the table?

What Does An Advertising Agency bring to the table?

In a growing world, with new innovations happening daily, competition is getting tougher. The results of this? A growing need for a solution to enable businesses to be seen in the places where people are looking. Ad Agencies have become crucial to companies seeking the upper hand.

The question is, what do ad agencies actually bring to the table? 

Well, a great place to start would be to analyse exactly what it is that an ad agency does. 

An ad agency is a group of people that have the combined their expertises to provide a  variety of solutions. These people tailor make solutions targeted at your specific objectives. By doing this they have a tremendous impact on the potential outcomes of your objectvives. 

These can include Website design, Graphic design as well as end to end Corporate Identity or Business Profiles. This also includes Social Media Management and Public Relations Management. 

Ad Agencies partner with their clients closely and immerse themselves in the objectives of the business. Thus through a creative process, make this vision come to life. 

1. How does it work?

Ad Agency have different method of understand a companies needs and utilising different processes of achieving the objectives. Above is an illustration of the BWD Advertising Agency approach.

This process includes: 

  • Engaging in Negotiations
  • Market Research
  • Undergoing a creative and content driven direction
  • Creating a Client unique marketing campaign 
  • Copy write and design
  • Account Management

All of these tasks are intertwined and their functionality are all dependent on each other. There are many differences in the approach of how things are done from agency to agency. How then do you differentiate between a good plan and a bad one? In reality, finding one that suits your vision and what you want to achive is of the utmost importance. Lets look at what advertising agencies big to your business.

Maybe this will help you identify the right agency.

2. What does using an Adverting Agency mean for your business?


As a business, whether you are a B2B or B2C. Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask. Like, “what sets us apart from our competitors?” or “What makes us unique?” 

This is where an agency comes in. An ad agency brings with it a variety of benefits. You might think that as business, it may be easier or even cost effective to do direct marketing.But the reality is without assistance you are limiting your potential. As a business, your view of your brand is bias based on different aspects like environment or what trends you may have noticed. There is nothing wrong with that however an agency brings together a group of individuals who will look at your vision from completely different angles and use this objective view to enhance the vision and make it something comprehensive and out of this world at the same time.  

Out of the box thinking results in fresh insight and direction that may not have been previously explored. This equates to a holistically better plan for your business. 

These are some of the things that an agency can provide:

Innovative Ideas.

Competition is rife in the world. We live in day and age where having innovative and fresh ideas of your products or services are important. These creative views can give you that extra push that you need to stand out in the crowd. The Barometer question is a great example of this. 



Know How

Advertising Agencies have the ability to use their experience and knowledge to assess solutions that would work best for what a business wants to achieve. This comes in the form of ideas that have reaped the best results and even some that have not had as much success in different environments. Either way agencies use the technical know-how and experience to provide you with the best possible outcome for your vision of what you want your business to be.

Provide Crucial Insights

One of the most important parts of any campaign are results. As a business you are result orientated. Agencies use tools that will provide your insight into your campaigns that allow you the ability to see the success and short comings of the campaign so that this data can be used to strategically focus on an ongoing basis.

The Success of Your Business is the Success of the Ad Agency

The priority of an Ad Agency is to create a solution that they, as a company, can be proud off and show off like a badge of honor. This means that your success is the success of the agency, “We grow when you grow” 

Trend Awareness

Due to the nature of an advertising agency, it is important for any agency to be aware of what is happening in the world, who is doing it, how it is being done and what the outcomes of it are.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising agencies



    • An Agency has a pelter of skills, expertises and connection under one roof
    • Ad Agencies have connection with all relevant departments to ensure that you have the best possible product. They do the heavy lifting for you
    • Advertising Agencies specialise in the shrives you need, be it website design, corporate identity, business portfolios ext
    • The rewards that can be attended from using an agency outweigh the cost of it in most cases


    • Agencies are not always familiar with your product or service
    • Agency cost are not cheap which sometimes means your advertising budget can be stretched thin
    • Agencies have more than one client which can change your priority on their list this can depend on how busy they are, who their clients are and your budget  

In conclusion

When it comes to advertising agencies, its easier to believe that doing the advertising yourself is the best thing to do but this is not the case. An Agency brings expert knowledge and an understanding of different approaches to campaigns of which you may not have the time to completely understand. Saving finances maybe be a priority to your business however it may be a lot more cost effective to outsource the advertising to an agency and take advantage of the knowledge that come with it. Many businesses have turn to advertising agencies instead of take it upon themselves to navigate the, sometimes, complicated world of Advertising.  If you are looking for an advertising agency that can cater to your vision consider giving ours a look, we pride ourselves on our slogan “we grow when you grow

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