How storytelling marketing can intensify your brands message.

How storytelling marketing can intensify your brands message.


Storytelling Marketing

Storytelling is something that we, as humans, have been doing since the beginning of time. We have all have stories that we have heard and even become storytellers ourselves.

A study has shown that, as people, we consume information at a better rate when they are structured as a story. Psychologist Jerome Bruner, through research, found that people are 22 times more likely to recall information when they are presented in a story format. Another study by the Stanford Graduate School of Business showed that, when presented with a pitch that they had to listen to facts and figures, 5% could only recall the statistics whereas 63% remembered the stories wrapped in the pitch. 

To clarify, how does this relate to marketing? What does storytelling mean to the market? Let’s first take a step in understanding what storytelling marketing is.

What is Storytelling Marketing?

Storytelling marketing is a means that Advertisers use to communicate a message through creating a narrative. The intention of the story must be to create a feeling in the viewer that leaves a lasting impression. The impression that it gives has the intention to inspire the viewer to take action. It helps the viewer understand what the product or service is all about. It humanizes the brand and gives the viewer a perspective of the brand that explains why they should care about something or even why the brand matters to “you”. 

Can you only tell a story through a film? The thinking can be that this is the case however this is not the case. A Story can also be in picture, film, verbally, or in written format. These forms of marketing assist brands to tell the viewers about who they are, what they do, and what they represent, in ways that will resonate with them or better yet in a way that will stick. 


What Makes Storytelling marketing?


A good story is:

  • Educational- Keeping the viewer interested and engaged in what you have to offer
  • Entertaining- Keeping the viewer invested in the reasoning behind the story
  • Reliability- Making the viewer feel like they belong or even should be part of the story
  • Organized- Ensuring that the core message is highlighted 
  • Memorable- The most important aspect is making the story unforgettable 

Here are different kinds of  stories that have incited the viewer to understand the message the brand is bringing to you

Eva Stories

Let’s take a look at the Eva Stories. This is an Instagram page that shines a light on the memory of the Holocaust. The controversial launch was on Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Days. The intention was to memorialize the life and time of Eva Heyman who is going through a “Morden day” Holocaust. She documents her life over her Instagram platform. This however generated controversy through claims that it was in bad taste. After its launch, it generated 180 thousand Followers before its series debut and became an international phenomenon. It received over 300 million views through 70 Instagram stories within 48 hours.  The intention of this story can be encompassed in the  tagline“ “Yes Eva, your journal – everyone will remember us,”

Wahl SA Advert.

Wahl approached BWD Advertising Agency to produce a brand campaign to reinforce the brand’s presence in the South African Market. The intention was to use the ‘sound’ of wall machines as a symbol of new beginnings or more importantly the voice of the brand. The brand is innovative, futuristic, and forward-thinking. The message that viewers receive from this messaging, is that Wahl is an all-inclusive brand that is timeless and irreplaceable. A brand that people from all walks of life should use.



Breva is a premium adult beverage provider that identifies the need for a non-alcoholic beverage that is enjoyed with confidence by working professionals. The Approach taken by BWD Advertising Agency was to research the name which can be defined as courageous behavior or character. A story that is told by a person who is brave or daring unfolds. How do you tell a story of bravery without saying much? when you have how does it align with the brand. well, this is what we came up with.



Disney is no stranger to storytelling. One of the best depending on who you ask. They strive on providing an experience for children that is so memorable that even as adults we all remember moments from movies that truly touched our hearts. Mufasa falling off the cliff in Lion King or the iconic love story of Jazmin and Aladdin or even the iconic “look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities” son in the Jungle Book. These are all emotions that many adults feel today when they think of Disney and the story they tell. Below is an example of how they use imagery to tell a story about what Disney is and what they stand for.


In Conclusion

We have a story to tell. Whether you are an individual or a business. This is exactly where storytelling marketing comes in. Storytelling is an art, an art worth mastering for your business as well as the customer. Stories bring us all together by inspiring action and response. Most importantly most customers don’t buy purely based on what you are selling but rather the reason why you are selling it. Customers are going to ask an important question like “why” and this must be communicated in your messaging using creating engaging ways. Let’s all be honest here who doesn’t love a good story?

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