Online Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

Online Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

Every small business owner needs tools to get their marketing campaigns off the ground.

Frankly, too many of these tools are only for enterprise-level businesses or require a budget that doesn’t always justify the ROI.

A personal hobby of mine is testing out tools and finding the best one to suggest to my friends and colleagues.

After testing some tools have come across the ones I like that small business should have in their toolbox. Some tools were suggested to me.


Google Keyword Planner



Google’s keyword tool is a great resource for any small business looking to launch a pay-per-click campaign. Countless opportunities exist to use this tool when setting up an Adwords campaign. One of our favorite features is the search volume calculator. Here, you can enter a keyword and see how many people searched for it each month for the past year. From there, you can layer it with location targeting to get an estimate of how many monthly impressions you’ll get for that keyword in your area. On top of search volume metrics, you can check out competition level and suggested bid for any keywords that you select.


Moz Local: Check Listing




The key issue for every small business that does business locally and wants to show up in search engines is the consistency of the name, address, and phone number across citation sources like Google, Facebook, Yellowpages, and more. Moz locals tool gives you a free way to audit your NAP and easily fix it on your own.


Facebook Audience Insights



Facebook Audience Insights is a terrific free tool for doing market and content research. By toggling through the options, you can view specific demographic information about your audience and even learn a few new things.

One great way to use this tool? Allow it to help you create content your audience will love. For example, if you’re a local business you can type in your service area/location, toggle the advanced option (bottom of the left column), select “home,” and start learning exactly what the homeowners in your area are interested in.



Pablo by Buffer



With Buffer’s free social media tool, you have access to over 600,000 images (or you can upload your own image) and all the tools necessary to be a social image pro. You start by selecting an image, and from there you are able to overlay with text, choose sizes, select filters, add logos, and download/share. In moments, Pablo makes it easy to go from Photoshop noob to social media design pro.






Siteliner is a dream come true for quick and dirty duplicate content analysis. Once again, they limit the number of pages you can crawl, but 99% of small businesses are totally fine with the free version. Simply place your URL into their search bar and press go. You’ll be rewarded with tons of actionable data, like:

  • Duplicate content
  • Common content
  • Unique content
  • Average page size
  • Average page load time
  • Number of words per page
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Text-to-HTML ratio



Answer The Public



Answer The Public’s tool is completely free and has become an integral part of content strategy. Some use it to determine the topics and questions surrounding the primary keywords that they want to rank for. 

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