Is There A Need For A 100% Black Agency In 2017?

Is There A Need For A 100% Black Agency In 2017?

Someone asked a question…is there a need for a 100% black agency in 2017.

At BWD we believe yes. And on the contrary we believe we need more and more of them. There is enough for all of us to eat. We can all be brothers and sisters in arms to transform this industry. (visit;

Proof of the critical need for black agencies is more evident in what agencies are paid BIG BUCKS for: Creative work.

Every month there is a piece of work, which insults black people. It shows the lack of insight and understanding of black lives. It’s almost like #blacklivesdontmatter. Show them dance for a slice of bread on TV and they will buy it. It’s like let them eat cake. Yes I said it.

How do you explain that in 2017 we still have first base thinking? Let’s live the recent Dove campaign for another day, but does it make sense to clients that we still have ads with lobola, tokolosh, vuvuzela (yes in 2017, after Philip has long gone), a taxi driver?

This shows the lack of passion and understanding of the target market by the agency. This is disrespectful and must stop with immediate effect.

Creative agencies are there to show love to the brand and translate that love to consumers, and communicate in a way that shows what difference that brand  can make in their everyday living.

That love can’t be thumb sucked by  reading a copy of the Daily Sun, Drum Magazine or Sunday World, or doing a township tour to Mzoli’s and Vilakazi. You need people that live the life and the brand. You need Creative Directors that have lived the life to approve those concepts.

But unfortunately most creatives in agencies are white, with a few black juniors that don’t have power to bomb ideas.

So you ask again is there a need for a 100% black agency. The answer is simple: Now more than ever, but rather now, before black twitter reaps your brand apart.

PS: With the emergence of Brownsense, blacktwitter and #letsbuyblackyou better try to make sure that your brand is in good hands.

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