Is Printed Corporate Stationery Dead?

Is Printed Corporate Stationery Dead?

What is corporate stationery you ask?

When describing what corporate stationery is, you have to go back to the core of where the purpose of this topic was founded. Saying this, you would therefore need an identity before you decide to create the rest.

A corporate identity refers to probably the most important part of a brand. It is the character that your target forms a relationship with and is essentially also the way in which your brand is recognised by people.

Corporate stationery is then the mediums that you used to convey the message of your brand identity. For example: business cards, letterheads, envelopes.

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Now for the good stuff – printed corporate stationery in relation to print media

In the times of technology and cyber-space, it is difficult to think that printed business cards, letterheads, envelopes or general stationery could possibly survive above the movement of the economy and technological times. It is thought that every aspect of our daily lives is “going digital”. This, however, can be argued.

In current times, a theme that is very evident in media is what we would call “Martini Media”- whereby the media is able to “pick and choose” the information that gets broadcasted and of course choose what isn’t. This can very easily be related to the human race in that technology has arrived at a point where people can choose the information that they want to consume or send the rest into the dreaded trash can which eventually vanishes into cyberspace. Therefore, communicating your brand through the use of technology has not yet come to a point whereby it is totally effective.

We can argue: is printed corporate stationery dead?

Well, quite frankly, not yet.

Tech Talk: Future of Print Media in a Digital Age


So, it woulld seem as much as modern society has tried to migrate into the digtal world, some things will always need a physical touch!

Benefits of corporate stationery:

  • It projects your company’s imagine,tellingcustomers and potential clients that you are professional and legitimate – i.e. it establishes trust.
  • It helps with networking – think about exchanging business cards when meeting a client for thr forst time. it’s a way for them to remember you and pass your information onto others!
  • It’s a great marketing tool – you can brand different types of stationery and office related items to keep your company’s name out there consistently, in a non- intrusive manner.
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Tech Talk: Future of Print Media in a Digital Age

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