Identifying Problems and Opportunities Through Website Analytics

Identifying Problems and Opportunities Through Website Analytics

Identifying problems and opportunities through web analytics header

I am not an expert in digital analytics but I deal with analytics on our website and clients websites as well almost on a daily basis which has given me some perspective on how analytics work and how do they help?


Find the stories they tell

If a picture is worth a thousand words then numbers are worth way more words.

Like most accountants if you give them financial numbers to your company they will be able to come up with some deductions or stories about the state of your companies and it’s performance financially. Just like website analytics within those numbers that you see there is always a story to tell about how well the website is performing. From that you will be able to formulate a story that is informed by different measurements you chose look at.


Identify the problems and opportunities

It is not enough just to know that some thing is wrong, for example when you go to a doctor you don’t expect to get a diagnosis without the doctor asking you a couple of questions and doing some tests. In the same way the story that you get from the analytics test and questions will help you determine the problems with your current website. From the problem you will be able to come up with a solution and within this solution there are opportunities to consider as well.


Factors to consider

Just like most investor want to know what is the return on investment of any investments they make, there are specific measures you have to consider to get the information you require.

Website content

The first thing you what to consider



Visitors behavior

How visitors daily, weekly, monthly and yearly?

Do the come back and how often?

Are they male or female?

What age group are they?


Desired outcome

Secondly the behavior of the people visiting your site which include

How long the stay on you site?

Which pages do the visit?

Lastly are they converted?

How many people fill in the form or buy your product?

How many people view the conversion page?



Having looked at digital analytics for websites you get different information from the analysis. After you have identified the problem and opportunities you are better about to formulate a strategy that will help you maximize your website’s potential

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