Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Advertising products or service is a regular marketing tool for many companies. One of a kind, Guerrilla Marketing is an unconventional marketing strategy being followed by many companies nowadays. This type of marketing does not incur a lot of money, but it reaches the goal through creativity. This ingenuity method of marketing yields a lot of benefits and revenue to the company. The Guerrilla marketing method makes its brand differentiated from its competitors in the eyes of customers. This marketing type is suited to both big and small companies as part of the advertising space. Let us some of the Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing here.

Zebra crossing

The zebra crossing guerilla marketing technique is attracting the customers majorly. A company that promotes its products through this technique gains a lot of customers on a daily basis. The company’s product is advertised on the ground for the attention of the customers who walkthrough. The customers would not miss viewing the zebra cross where the advertisement is made and hence they pay their attention to the logos or product image that is painted on the zebra lines. A dark-coloured image would catch thousands of customers every day and in turn, it yields revenue to the customers. This technique is sticking and mind-blowing in crowded cities for big companies

Urban bench technique

Urban benches are another major advertising place for the companies involved in guerilla marketing. The urban benches where people spend time sitting and chatting are used for their company’s advertisement. For example, if the company’s product is chocolate then the urban benches are painted and drawn with a bar of chocolate along with the brand name in it. This is done with a lot of care and has to be attractive for the onlookers of the bench. The urban benches take the form or shape of the bar chocolates so that the attention of people is never missed

The bus stop for guerilla marketing

Very big companies never miss the bus shelter places for their product advertisement. They use the bus stop for promoting their products in an exemplary way. Using two-dimensional posters or other attractive displays for the customers is a tremendous guerilla marketing method. Even these companies use three-dimensional images at the bus stops for promoting their products. The customers who are waiting at the bus stops would never miss going through these advertisements and hence the product is entered into the minds of customers. The image of the product is reinforced to the eyes of the customers by the company. This attractive advertisement gives a break from regular life or until the bus arrives at the spot.

Company cars animations or public transport

Yet another masterpiece work of some companies is using public transport for their advertisement. It is a regular scenario of many customers who are from big cities viewing public transport being wrapped with advertisements of many companies. The image looks monstrous and eye-catching to the public who use the transport and also for lookers. For this type of marketing, only sticking and unique strategy is alone followed. For example, a giant snake is wrapped around public transport. Concept oriented advertisement is also followed in public transport. The handles inside the bus are used for advertising by the company so that the users have the time to look at it frequently.
Not only public transport used for guerilla marketing techniques, but public places are frequently used by companies to promote their products. The pedestrian crossing is commonly seen with different types of advertisements. The street products like dustbin, street light lamp posts, lanterns, and traffic lights are majorly used by the small and big companies to reach their customers. These small items trigger the interest of middle-class customers a lot for buying the products.

Other major marketing methods

Lots of companies are using stencil graffiti artworks as their guerilla marketing tool. Flash mobs is an exemplary guerilla marketing technique and very popular among the public. Using stickers is also a wonderful technique of advertising. Viral video content creation, treasure hunts advertisement mode, creative landing page technique, jaw-dropping billboards, and staircase tactics advertisement are major techniques followed under the guerilla marketing method by various companies.
Unconventional and sensation wordings for the advertisement of the guerrilla are yielding results to the companies. These sensational words make customers spend time reading the advertisement and made to think about it.
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