How Can Copy Affect Your Brand

How Can Copy Affect Your Brand

Imagine a bunch of adolescent men on a night out, generally a similar product offering visually: the over-gelled hair style, the branded shirt, jeans, supposedly cool shoes and all claiming to be the next best thing to attract any susceptible female. Some points of difference no doubt, maybe one fella chooses to market himself with the latest sunglasses, indoors…but that, is a debate for another time I suppose.

How copy can help your brand:

These adolescent men with the same product offering, how do they differ themselves? What truly allows for them to stand out in a crowd where everyone is much of a muchness? It’s in the way that they communicate themselves, the power of their words; ultimately aligned to their brand personality. For instance, one fella, let us call him Darryl, could offer the greatest selection of draw cards to woo any female consumer. Not only does Darryl have the looks and charm; he has firmly entrenched values that respect women. Darryl has a future in mind, with that someone special: walking on the beach holding hands, the ultimate cheese but a major draw card to his target audience.

Sadly though, this important message and core essence of Darryl is somehow lost when he speaks with a slurred and awkward incomprehensible tone that sends the ladies running for the door. “Darryl is a jerk” they murmur, “best you stay away, he doesn’t understand women”. A far cry from the genuine Darryl brand. His poor communication has resulted in him losing out on gaining a valuable following. Perhaps that is the Darryl brand personality, but it most certainly will not bode well for any future female success.

Copy is the unsung hero!

Copy is a powerful tool yet it remains underestimated and underused. It possesses the ability to effectively connect on a deep and emotional level with your consumer; when sometimes your visual stimulation is insufficient or becomes mundane.

Let’s look at smartphones today:

  • Generally, a similar product offering, your Samsung and iPhone for instance.
  • The difference lies in how they communicate their products, copy is vital here where visual imagery is overused and mundane.

Copy is the cherry on top!

I most certainly am not disregarding the power and effect that visual stimulation holds. The imagery that can be generated today boggles my mind endlessly, and it most certainly can paint a fascinating picture that will engage consumers. However, sometimes the copy becomes lost or a second thought when executing a solution to client. Copy offers a safety net, a tool that can ensure that the entire brand identity is effectively communicated, no loopholes, no questions asked.

Reasons why bad copy can kill your brand

  • It destroys trust. The copy you use has a massive impact on developing a relationship and building trust with prospective clients.
  • Bad copy doesn’t make people take action. Copy that is vague or ambiguous leaves the reader without clear instruction of what to do next, when the whole purpose of copywriting is to get them to take action!
  • Bad copy doesn’t tell your story. You’re going to have a hard time getting emotional buy-in from your readers if your copy is cold and factual.
  • Bad copy doesn’t keep your reader engaged. It’s a fact. Mediocre copywriting isn’t enganging and doesn’t compel your reader to keep reading to the end of your content.
  • Bad copy isn’t reader-focused. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when writing copy is by talking about how great they are and not focusing on their intended audience.

Luckily, BWD Advertising (BWD) offers all these services to guarantee that the ultimate solution is created to solve any client problem. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be a darryl

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