BWD May Newsletter 2015

BWD May Newsletter 2015



Hi Candice,

What I am about to tell you might very well surprise you…

If you still advertise your business in conventional ways, you’re bound to slowly but surely start losing a significant portion of your market share. This is because today, we undeniably find ourselves in an era – where the majority of dealings take place in the virtual space.


This has also caused a major paradigm shift in how we have to approach our target audiences. Consumers now have information at their fingertips and can make their pick from a myriad of businesses like yours- ONLINE. Conventional advertising is also fast losing its traction – as people no longer want you to ENTICE them – they want you to ENGAGE them.


It is for this very reason that I’ve lately been talking to everyone and their uncle about digital marketing via TV, radio, newspapers and blogging. Please do feel free to make use of some of the valuable tips on our blog.


Our mission is simple, to SHARE with our clients – instead of trying to SELL to them. This notion also lies at the heart of why every modern business cannot afford to not know about CONTENT MARKETING. To find out why, just read our article that was published on Media Update: “Why every modern business should have a firm grasp on content marketing”.


If being a business owner sometimes overwhelms you- know that you are not alone. I’m convinced you’ll have a giggle when you listen to me rambling on about my own struggles on BusinessDay TV. Just click on the link to the video below.




At BWD we take a firm stand for equal opportunities and treatment for all- regardless of your race, gender or creed. We are therefore proud and thankful to be one of the sponsors of the Gender Mainstreaming awards.


For the June school holidays – we will be hiring six interns. This will consist of three 3rd year graphic design students and three third year animation students. If you know of anyone who would love to make use of this opportunity to come learn and play in our world – please put them in touch.


On the 2nd of May we had a business purpose workshop session with Pepe Marious, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Joe Public. We rediscovered our true purpose: “To elicit our clients’ growth and our own.” To see for yourself that we are actually putting our money where our mouth is – click on any of the links below to access our content marketing efforts.



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Finally, I’d like to yet again extend an open invitation. We still offer free studio photo-shoots on the last Tuesday of every month. This month’s session will be taking place on the 26th of May 2015. Click here to book your shoot now.
Bongani Gosa
Creative Director (Breeze Website Designers)
phone: 011 321 0193

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