BWD Marketing Podcast: Intern Sabelo Sibisi

BWD Marketing Podcast: Intern Sabelo Sibisi

We interview our super talented graphic designer intern Sabelo Sibisi to find out how was his experience at BWD.

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My name is Sabelo Sibisi. I was born and bred in Soweto. I’ve always had a knack for art. I’ve won a couple of art awards in primary school. Went to high school at Hyde Park High School. That’s when I kind of decided that I wanna venture into a career within the arts field. First I thought I’d do architecture, but then after I left high school I kind of realized that nah, that’s not gonna work for me. Then ultimately I did my design degree at Design School Southern Africa, which I’m currently busy with doing the third yeah. Yeah.

The kind of designs that I do are very modernistic, very powerhouse kinda approach where you find that shapes are very geometric, flat colors, clean, very structured kind of designs.

Arts has been my thing since I’ve been growing up. Obviously I knew it then decided that I’m gonna just pursue a career within the arts faculty. So I thought, hey, I mean, design is the best way to pursue this talent that I have. My father has been an artistic guy. He’s probably my first influence. In high school, I was schooling with very talented artistic guys when I took art with them. So I figured, “Hey, I’m just gonna pursue this career. This is what I love doing. This is just the passion that I have.”

During this time I’ve learned that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Keeping it simple really works. Always do what the customer or the client asks for even though you think as a designer you think it might be better. But yeah, that’s what I’ve learned. Team work is very, very important. Learn how to take criticism, very, very important. And yeah, workplace is fun.

I had an opportunity to work with the BWD team over the past week. [inaudible 00:02:41] was a very fantastic experience. People were very welcoming in the beginning. People were kind in terms of like when you ask for help, they’d be able to help you very efficiently even though they were busy with their own projects. I also learned that they actually respect their craft and they respect other people’s crafts. So yeah, it was a very fantastic experience [inaudible 00:02:37].

What I think is important working in a team is you get to cover more work much more quickly. You get to be criticized, obviously in a positive manner. That way you improve in your craft. Yeah, that’s basically the most important things. And time efficiency. It saves way more time, and you get to learn from your other colleagues during your projects.

What I think is important for learners to first consider when they’re gonna take upon an internship is that they need to first research on the company that they wanna work with to make sure that it correlates with their craft. And secondly, they definitely need to be humble. Carry on with the work that they’ve been tasked with. Very, very important that they practice, practice, practice their craft every day. Do as much as possible. Read, read, read on your craft as well, and always ask for advice and learn how to take criticism. That’s very important.

Hey guys. I hope you enjoyed watching this, and I hope you learned a lot in terms of what to expect in the working industry. And good luck for your ventures. I’m signing out. Peace.

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