BWD Animated Company Explainer Video

BWD Animated Company Explainer Video


We here at our headquarters (Breezeville), we design ninjas are constantly on the move to eradicate design disasters. Led by our sensei, Bongani, we obliterate low (or non-existent) google rankings with Search Engine Optimization. Are you having a problem with the number of sales leads you generate? No problem! Our ninjas pounce into action to be your saviour at a moment’s notice. Rest assured that our skilled design assassins have got you covered so that you can focus on the important things – like growing your business.

Voice-over artist: Lebo


In a faraway, terrifying place called Horrorville, making your mark in business amongst a horde of other contenders seems like an impossible feat and businesses are plagued with website issues and big, bad Internet browser bugs.

So, what if we told you there is a place called Breezeville: Where standing out from the grey masses is an absolute breeze and all you need to get there is an army of ninjas called the Breezies. Led by a sensei who encourages his soldiers to THINK before they act.

The Breezies are armed with an arsenal of gizmos to help you make your voice heard loud and clear. We can throw our ninja star if your website ain’t getting you the queries or leads you need. We can spin our nunchakus if you ain’t ranking high on google’s search engines. Our sword-fighting ninja will fight for you to reach your target audiences effectively and we have a katana guru to help you get the message across like you should.

So simply deploy the techo savvy Breezies, who are ready and able to help you to get to Breezeville- Where creative solutions are a breeze.

[BWD logo appears on screen]

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