Best Social Media Tools To Grow Your Business In 2020

Best Social Media Tools To Grow Your Business In 2020

Gone are the days of relying on the door to door marketing, making face to face pitches to customers. Relying on television, print ads, and commercials are not enough to gain your audience’s attention. It’s the age of social media. If you want to succeed in there there are plenty of social media tools that can help you.

As the number of social media users is only going up, if you are not using one or more of these platforms to grow your business, then you are missing out on a very good opportunity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, these are all household terms today and users are actively using and exploring these platforms.

These free platforms provide you with the opportunity to share about your brands and convert users and visitors into customers.

All social media channels are brimming with competition for more customers and you need to step up your campaigns to fulfill this goal. Moreover, this year, influencer marketing and user-generated content will be huge in the social media industry.

So, it is to gain this extra edge against your competitors that you should use social media tools to promote your business.

Here’s a list of social media tools that will help you keep your social media game strong. This list will also give you an answer to:

  • What are the best social networks managing app?
  • Which are some good tools used by social media marketing agencies to measure social reach?
  • What is a good social listening tool?
  • Which tool to use to enhance your influencer marketing efforts?
  • What are some helpful tools for marketing?


 Unbox Social (For Social media analytics and reporting, Influencer tracking)


Unbox Social is a social media analytics tool that gives you an in-depth analysis of your handles on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Using this tool is pretty easy and you can track various metrics to measure your performance. Apart from that, the metrics are also bifurcated based on an audience, stories, and posts.

This makes your analysis process easier and quicker. You can also generate social media reports for your social media activity through this tool across the above-mentioned platforms. You can customize social media reports by the period for which you want it as well as by the format.

unbox social media tool

Generate reports in the pdf, ppt, or Xls formats. 2020 will see a lot of focus on Instagram stories as a form of content. The social media reports by Unbox Social offer insights about your stories as well.

From the engagement rate and views and likes per story to average engagement and impressions on all stories, Unbox Social has it all covered for you. And the best part is, you can also schedule reports to be sent directly to your inbox.

Another feature that is a big hit, is the news feed. The home page of Unbox displays a news feed that is curated just for you, by you. Why is this so cool? Because it keeps you updated about what’s happening in your industry and you don’t miss out on anything.


 Buffer Reply


Buffer is a social media tool to drive a campaign involving different social media platforms. One of the tools that Buffer offers for driving traction is Buffer Reply.

It comes with features that make it convenient for you to manage conversations across social media inboxes through one platform. With customer service management going mainstream on social media, this tool offers just the features to help you do that.

buffer reply social media for business

You can engage in meaningful interactions with your audience through this platform. With Buffer Reply you can get full overviews of conversations with customers.

Apart from that, Buffer offers a tool called Analyze. It helps you track your performance through meaningful stats and facts on your social media marketing and get insights on which content performs best.




Hootsuite is a multifaceted social media tool to drive a campaign and promote business. Also, we can count it as one of the most popular social media marketing tools. It covers almost all the major social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

It offers an automated scheduling tool to maintain your social media presence. You can create an inventory of all the content that you want to post along with creatives.


Set it up according to the content calendar that the tool offers and schedule the times and dates when you want to post these. This tool, in this sense, works well as a time saver.

It also offers a team management feature, Hootsuite makes teamwork a smooth process for you. It also comes with features that protect your brand from social media risks.


Bubochat (Chatbot For Instagram)


Ever since the DM or direct message feature was introduced on Instagram, people are actively using it to interact with others. This includes businesses whose products they want to use.

Sometimes the number of messages that you receive in your Instagram DM can be too overwhelming. Moreover, different people come from different places and different time zones.


Maintaining your Instagram DM can become difficult. At the same time, you want to build a relationship of trust with your target audience.

Responding to each message that you receive from your audience is an important part of building your relationship with them.

The Bubochat Instagram DM Chatbot does all the work of responding automatically to all the messages you get on the platform. With this tool, your Customer Management System is covered on Instagram.




With Mention, you can monitor all conversations about your brand on social media as well as on any blogs, websites, forums, etc.

As a part of the constantly evolving process of brand building, you need to be well aware of when, where, and in what way are people talking about your brand.

Mention offers tools with which you can get alerts whenever there is a mention about your brand. This tool allows you to track your reputation across different social media networks.


Tracking and understanding your audience’s sentiment towards your brand is important. You can follow all the conversations and mentions about your brand across social media and the web. You can then form a direction for your social media strategy.


Videoshop for creating IGTV videos


Video content is the most sought after content today and is referred to as the ‘Future of Content Marketing’ now and then. Recently, the long-form vertical video feature made its debut on social media on Instagram. IGTV has made way for a new content type on the platform.

You can create innovative, engaging videos with IGTV. You can use Videoshop for easy, streamlined video editing on your smartphones.


Cut out unwanted moments and parts, add subtitles, or integrate music into the app. With this tool, you can do all of these things. Add this tool to make perfect IGTV videos that will help you increase your engagement.

Not just for IGTV videos, you can use Videoshop to create content for other video type content as well.




Do we even need to reiterate how important visual content is for your business?

Visual content is a more preferred type of content than textual content. To pick up your visual content marketing strategy, Canva can be very helpful.

Canva comes with templates designed for different social media platforms ranging from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube thumbnails to Email invitations and even twitter headers.


On Canva, you can also go for infographics to make your content even more insightful and interesting, with elements of bar graphs, numbers, text, pictures, vectors, etc.

It also comes with photo editing features and offers an exhaustive list of free badges and icons. You can add textures, frames, and do so much more to create excellent visual content.

From Social Media Ads to neat, eye-catching templates for your Instagram story, this tool is the best option for creating great photo content.


10. Planable


Planable simplifies your feedback process by having team members and clients discuss posts right where they are created. It eliminates those endless email threads and never lose track of important feedback. As a social media agency, it gets from planning to campaign sign-off faster and with no misunderstandings.

Now you can schedule your posts to social media knowing that the client has seen it and is happy with your work. So both of the parties will be assured of the process.




Apart from the tools mentioned above, here are a few more tools that help you tweak your photos, texts, and much more:

  • Crello for graphic designing with 10,000 free templates
  • Fastory for Instagram stories
  • PixelMe, the URL shortener for savvy metrics
  • Promo, for marketing videos
  • Tagwin for Instagram contests and giveaways

We hope that you have found a sense of direction with this list of social media tools to grow your business in 2020. It can be a daunting task to pick one tool since there is hardly any single tool that fits the bill. We also listed the best Instagram tools to help your Instagram campaigns.

We would only recommend you to pick different tools for different goals of your marketing campaign and go for the kill. Only to make it more convenient for you, here is a snapshot of all the tools and what each of these entails for your business:

  1. Unbox Social for social media analytics, reporting and tracking influencers
  2. Buffer Reply for streamlined conversations with your audience across social media inboxes
  3. Hootsuite for automated scheduling of content posts
  4. BuboChat for chatbot for Instagram DM
  5. Mention for social media monitoring
  6. Videoshop for enhancing video content, especially for IGTV on your smartphone
  7. Canva for enhancing photo content

So, which tools are you picking to get your social media game going?

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