7 Ways You Can Use Public Relations To Boost Sales Leads

7 Ways You Can Use Public Relations To Boost Sales Leads



Public Relations seems to be a topic that many are aware of but aren’t entirely sure how it can benefit them and their sales leads. However, when we delve into it a bit further, we see that it has the potential to have quite a substantial influence on the awareness of your company and hence sales leads could be boosted as a resulted.


Before explain the ways in which we can use Public Relations (PR) to increase sales leads, it is important to understand what PR actually is.


According to the Public Relations Society of America, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” In simple terms, PR refers to ways in which a company ensures that their target audience loves them more than their competitors. This is usually done through forms of communication such as getting involved in community events, supporting art or education programmes or involving themselves in any other charitable event that may encourage their specific audience to favor them over others.


Examples of Great, South African Public Relations Campaigns

 • KFC : Journey of Hope

• Sanlam’s One Rand Family Campaign


Now that we understand what Public Relations is… How can a company make use of it to boost sales leads?

In order to boost sales leads and ultimately see the monetary value of Public Relations, we must not forget that through the impacts it has on the business, sales will naturally follow.


Public Relations Benefits

  1. PR Draws Attention
  2. PR Is Useful In Encouraging Interest
  3. PR Stimulates Audience Desire
  4. It Convinces Readers To Take Action
  5. It Enhances Credibility
  6. It Reassures
  7. It Acts As A Foot In The Door


Examples of Public Relations Mediums:

  • Newspaper article
  • Radio Interviews, news or feature programs.
  • Magazine Article
  • Television Feature
  • Film Feature


When taking the above into consideration it is vital that we ensure that the product or service that you are promoting is up to standard. Although Public Relations is very effective, it will not work if the product it is trying to sell is not.




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