5 Ways To Perfect Your Social Media Content For Your Brand

5 Ways To Perfect Your Social Media Content For Your Brand

Being an entrepreneur or small-business owner, you have to make sure that your presence on social media is a priority so that you can get your brand’s name out in the open, from promoting advertising your products to building a large network to bring your brand’s voice forward.


Luckily enough you won’t have to spend thousands on fancy equipment. But this does not mean you can just throw a bunch of random photos together and have something spectacular, it’s important to be thoughtful over what you are doing and to listen to what your clientele are saying, so that you take the right direction with how you represent your brand.



Keeping Things Consistent

Keeping your content consistent is very important, it could help in building trust, credibility and awareness with your customers.


For instance picture yourself as a client looking through a site that you found an interesting article about, even if the article itself was not well written. It still got your attention so now you venture into the site and see a product and it is clear and interesting but then you go to another product and it’s quality is way below the one you just viewed. This will create distrust in the client’s eyes and could seriously damage your brand.


It is very important to keep things consistent, this way people can become accustomed to your brand and easily pick up on you and start to grow a sense of trust to your brand, which in the long run can only help make your company stronger.



Rely on Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a very powerful and useful tool when building up your followers, because if people are talking about you that means there is a high chance that a lot of people will hear and want to check what all the hype is about but you have to first build trust and loyalty before you will be able to get the buzz.


You cannot just rely on your work to do the talking for you, you have to get your brand out there so that people can realise your potential. Let your marketing draw them in so that you can build the trust you need and let your work seal the deal. By doing this you allow people to get comfortable with you and they will want to talk about you to their networks allowing for a higher reach which will improve you as a brand.



Natural Lighting

Taking the right photo for your content can also be a challenge especially because having it professionally done could just as well cost you an arm and leg. So a cheaper alternative is using natural lighting, you know that sun that’s always outside your houses and offices.


Using natural lighting is all about the timing of the day, if you want harsh light the best times to do it is when the sun is at it’s peak and if you want soft lighting it’s best to do it when it’s a cloudy day.

Also what’s nice about natural lighting is, it tends to bounce off around and seep through openings to create a nice soft light effect on objects that we want to take pictures of.


Finally it can also give you a nice airy look and we must always remember that it’s a constant source no need to pay for it.



How To Use Your Smart Phone

Nowadays we have these little things called phones and they conveniently come with cameras which is a nice cheap alternative to the big expensive cameras we see professionals use but don’t threat your little smart phone can still do a good enough job.


First of all when taking photos make sure it is in landscape so that you can capture a wider stronger photo and with the help of natural lighting you can take top quality looking photos it’s just about taking it at the right time and angle but at least all that will come with some trial and error and in no time you will be taking the photos that will improve the content of your brand.




Don’t Promote A Product, Promote A Lifestyle

When we look at products today, we do not just see what this product can do for me or how can it help me, we look at the brand it comes from, as we gain experience about brands we build up preferences on certain stuff like phones, cars and housing, and with so many different styles of the same thing out there it is important to grab your customers attention through other means like creating a lifestyle behind your product to attract the clients to it.


For instance if we look at the Red Bull brand they have put a lot of time and effort in displaying their brand through the idea of selling adventure, adrenaline and epic escapades. Where they emphasize on the lifestyle of the people that use their product instead of actually advertising what they sell.


The whole idea is just to attract the people that have the lifestyle you want your product to sell to. You don’t have to emphasize your product, you need to emphasize the type of lifestyle your product represents so that you will attract that type of attention.




Creating the perfect content for your social media takes patience and time, we must remember that Rome was not built in a day, it took time to create something amazing. What we do for our brand should be nothing less. Creating the brand that our clients will come to know and love will be nothing less than a reality.


So ask yourself do I want my brand to achieve? Yes of course you do, you just have to put the time and effort into what you want the brand to represent so that it can best represent who you are.


The question is are you ready for progress?

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