Top Tips To Make Successful Video Animations

Top Tips To Make Successful Video Animations

Starting a new video can be exciting, you have all this talent and you want to show off your skills. Andf you’re anything like me you would want things done as fast as possible. It becomes self-rewarding when seeing your work come to life. But before all of this wonderful praise you need to take time and plan a few things that might help you save time, money and effort.


Define an intention for your project

This first step is the planning and preparing stage for your new video and it will define the direction that your video is going to. Here you will have two main focus areas: Your audience and your goals. You need to understand who your target audience is and make sure you know what works for them. Great animations are the ones that take into consideration what their end viewers want to see and what motivates them to act. So, your objective should be clear, it is the overall message you are sending out to the audience, whether it is getting people to sign up or letting them know who you are and what it is that you do. Direction is the first step to starting you new video.


Choose a style

This is how you sugar-coat your video, so make sure it goes with the information you are trying to portray. Your style is what is going to capture the audience’s attention and keep them watching. It controls the emotion pace and tone of the video so be wary when picking the style you want to use.


Write your video script

This is where you address your audience and it should always be in a conversational manner so as to keep your viewers engaged. Keep it brief and make sure you script every word as this will help to create your video in a more efficient manner. And always remember to end your video animation script with a clever call-to-action.


Create a storyboard for your animations

A storyboard allows you to truly visualise how your created animated video will look before you have to dedicate some serious hours and resources. Begin by identifying the key scenes in your animation story. Add your script to each scene, and then sketch your thumbnails in each square. Your storyboard is just a plan, so you don’t have to go into incredible detail. Just make sure it’s easy to understand and helps direct your story.


Length of your video

Here at BWD we try to keep our videos under 120 seconds, this is because viewers tend to lose interest after that amount of time, so we try to optimise our video in terms of giving relevant information and appropriate animations that are pleasant to look at and not distracting to the viewer’s eyes.



This is where you have to decide how you want the world to see your business. Good quality video explainers cost good money, so it is worth it in the long run as it will show the audience that your business produces quality work. But it’s always best to do some research when looking for a studio to do your video and work out a reasonable budget.


Production deadline

It is important to realise that a good video takes time, so plan ahead when starting your video, it’s not a good option to rush and drop the quality of your video.



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