3 Ways To Make Video Marketing Appeal To Gen-X

3 Ways To Make Video Marketing Appeal To Gen-X

Were you born between 1960 and 1980? If so, you’re the middle child of our current generations and what an exciting time it was! The baby boom was slowing down, working individuals were on the rise and best of all, the internet was a brand new concept.

We saw the rise of internet users and the upcoming age of the digitally-savvy consumer that now dominates the marketing sphere. Yet many years later, marketers are still finding it challenging to reach specific target markets and in this case, it’s Gen-X.

Luckily, BWD has three simple tips for you to keep your Gen-Xers and ensure you carry them with you on your marketing journey.


Marketing to Gen-X

Gen-Xers are often perceived to be slow on picking up new trends – but the numbers are talking and these individuals are far savvier than you thought! So while we were all focusing on the Millennials, we accidentally left out a chunk of marketing potential.

But now how do we unlock this new potential and market to Gen-X?

Well, ever noticed how Facebook has become the new YouTube? That’s because right now, video is king. It’s also the most engaging, entertaining and informative way to get your brand’s message across and according to YouTube stats, 75% of Gen-Xers enjoy, share and engage with videos they find relatable.


Making Video Marketing Memorable

Gen-Xers love a good throwback.

Borrow content from their teenage years or use storytelling to take them back to some of their best memories so that they can make a sentimental connection to your efforts. Use the ultimate music jams from the 60’s all the way to the early 90s and enjoy reliving past pop culture moments to relate to your target audience.

When in doubt, just remember the golden rule. Keep your content relevant and relatable to your audience in a positive manner.


Keeping it Current

Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t easy. It’s almost as if as soon as you catch on to one its already on its way out because there’s a new, hot trend on the horizon.

But that doesn’t mean Gen-X won’t keep up, 68% watch YouTube videos to stay on top of news and in the know of pop culture. And on the flip side of this, most parents are part of Gen-X too so for them staying in the loop means staying their children’s world as it helps to connect with them.


Making it Educational

YouTube figures show that 73% of Gen-Xers use videos to learn, so by allowing your videos to be educational or informative, you bring your audience along with you as your company changes, innovates and creates new products and service offerings.

Plus, making your audience feel like they are in the know and relevant to your message is important to any marketing plan.


And there you have it! The three easy steps to begin your Gen-X marketing journey. For more information on how to make your videos more relevant try this or contact us!

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