10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

The world is on a fast track to digitalization and automation. Large companies are working around the clock to innovate new technology and streamline existing tech and with the aim of making user experience more effortless. In this constantly evolving environment, marketers as well as business owners are scrambling to keep up.

However, some trends and proven tactics, which companies can pursue as part of their digital marketing arsenal in 2019.


Voice Search

The search game is quickly evolving and the use of virtual assistants likes Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are steadily becoming part of everyday life. Voice searching is attractive because it’s so effortless and speaking is considered easier than typing. Plus, it allows you to multitask like a boss.

Implementing voice searching in your marketing strategy will soon become an imperative, as more smart devices are brought into homes, phones, wearable, cars these are predicted to lead the new form of search and ensuring your website is readily able to provide answers to voice queries will put you ahead of your competitors.



Chatbots are specialized software tools and can be used to improve customer experience. Bots can interact with website visitors and instantly answer simple questions. They can even schedule sales appointments and assist with purchases. Not enough businesses have implemented this in their strategy yet, but that’s expected to change soon.


Artificial Intelligence

According to Cardinal, artificial intelligence will get a little too good at profiling buyers. For the marketers, this is excellent news. With the ability to rapidly analyze data to draw conclusions, AI can improve user experience and help marketers develop a better understanding of their customers. In addition, it can be combined with programmatic advertising to boost sales.


Micro Moments

The actions of learning, doing, watching, buying and discovering on a digital device can all be described as micro moments. To keep up with users spending short bursts of time online, marketers will have to optimize advertisements to match. This means small, easily consumable pieces of information. After that, your sales funnel must be well-oiled and efficient, demanding minimal exertion from the buyer.


Social Media

Facebook still has a monopoly in the world of social media, but Instagram is rapidly growing and may soon claim the #1 spot due to Facebook’s reputation as the social media platform for old people. That said, social media is an indispensable part of marketing strategies in every single niche and will continue to be so as more mature individuals are on a fast track to becoming regular social media users.

For brands in the consumer goods ignore SnapChat & Twitter at your own peril as these are with most of the woke generation and they are quick to call you out if you not listening there could be having conversations about your brand without you. Also be on the lookout for Lasso & TikTok they still early stage apps but they are growing in popularity because they make it easy for anyone to create and share short videos with fun filters and effects.



Video is one of the most popular sources of entertainment in this day and age. Just think Youtube, Showmax, DSTVNow, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Video marketing is a highly effective way to deliver a short advertisement or informative message. As more people cut the cord the traditional ‘30-sec’ advert wont make the cut so your video strategy needs to consider how to you access this burgeoning market as this consumer represents a higher LSM this requires marketers to think broadly about using video as a tactic to promote their brand or service.


Live Video

Slightly different from video, live video includes Instagram Live, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. The goal of live video is to really connect with your customers. Allow them to get to know you by offering a behind the scenes glimpse or live Q & A. Brands can curate moments that customers want to access live like events, concerts or exclusive lecturers or product reviews.



Personalization will improve user experience and advance customer relationships. In the previous section it was mentioned that customers would like to know you. But, more importantly, they want to feel like you know them. Collect data from purchase history, links clicked etc. and provide them with personalized content, e-mails, and products. With all the customer feedback available, 2019 will also be the year of more experimental commerce.


Visual Search

Like voice search, visual search is on the rise with an even simpler way to conduct searches. Upload an image or point your camera at an object to get results. Large brands have been working on optimizing this technology, which might soon become a common way of conducting searches. However, the technology has limitations and shouldn’t be overestimated.


Good Content

Good content will entice users into spending more time on your page and thereby improve your Google listing. – Google Marketing Platform predicts that engaging content is going to play a big role in e-commerce strategies in 2019 Authenticity is extremely important to the cautious internet user of today, which is why you must provide your reader with authentic content that includes user generated content.



To stay on top of every new trend in the marketing game is virtually impossible. Businesses must test what they can, implement what works and let go of what doesn’t. The constantly evolving world of technology requires patience and thorough research. Most of all, it demands flexibility, the ability to adapt and a deep understanding of ones customer. Working with an digital agency that bases its marketing on a sound a tailored strategy that is tangible, measurable & efficient for the client is best practice.

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