shutterstock_1782176061. Receive brief from client which should include a context for the animation.
shutterstock_1782179152. Idea Generation – Together with the client we draft a ‘content’ document. We also start to draft the storyboards as well as a treatment which provides the client with relevant information about all the entities involved in the production.
shutterstock_1752253463. Treatment, storyboards, characters and backtracks are given to the client for approval.
shutterstock_1773595734. Writing of voice over script according to content received. Client approves VO script and chooses from the VO options we would have provided.

shutterstock_1782176335. Writing of Action script, which details animations and transitions specifically based on the voice over script, storyboards and brainstorming between the team. the client is to approve the script.
shutterstock_1787825576.  Animating begins and all the elements are put together.
shutterstock_1761573237. The client reviews animation and suggests any revisions. Otherwise, if the client is satisfied, the client approves and we continue with the final phase.
shutterstock_1773597058. The final video is put on disc for the client to collect.

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