• Kick-off session with executives
• R&D of a complete marketing plan that contains:
o Clearly defined business goals and marketing objectives
o A competitor and SWOT analysis, PLEST scan and detailed mapping of target audiences, based on kick-off session as well as desktop and background research
o An ‘As is’ summary that highlights issues that must be addressed to drive and support the business goals and marketing objectives
• Practical marketing interventions for a period of 12 months. Each intervention will:
o Have a clearly articulated marketing objective
o Explain how the intervention will drive and support the business and marketing objectives
o Define the desired outcomes and means of measurement, where applicable
o Provide time frames for execution
o Provide costs
o Be based on best practices, both globally and locally

In summary and simply put, it will be an actionable plan, that will tell the team exactly how, what, where, when and with who to communicate to reach their marketing goals and objectives, with a budget and costs for it.