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Freckle Eyewear is a sunglasses store that specializes it top brands ranging from Guess, Jimmy Choo and much more. Freckle Eyewear to expand their reach by creating a website to make shopping for sunglasses as easy and effortless activity. Elegance at your finger tips.


The client provided us with examples as to help us the designs just see what type of look the client is aiming for. One of the websites that stood out above the rest was that of the Chanel website: clean, simple, elegant and modern were words that can describe this website and we decided to create something that represent these exact same words.

The idea

The idea behind this website was elegance which was too inspired by the Chanel website. The whole website is focused around black and white which is colours commonly associated with class and sophistication.  Images were chosen to be the focus point, thus making the website more visual and engaging with the viewer as well as giving the viewer insight to what it is the company is selling.


The website created for Freckle Eyewear is a neatly constructed website that is easy to navigate. The website is visually appealing and speaks a sense of cleanness, simplicity, elegance and modernism which is what we strived to achieve. This website pushes the Freckle Eyewear brand to a new level where it can compete with companies such as Gucci etc.  
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