1. Pre-Production

A. Understanding the Brief

  • Client completes a Standardised Briefing Form.
  • Studio (in consultation with Client) ensures insightful grasp of Brief.

B. Sourcing Reference Images

  • Studio either shoots relevant photographs; or sources existing images; or both (depending on specific requirements).

C. Character Casting

  • Client selects Character/s Facial Features from various reference images.
  • Client specifies other factors: Gender; Age; Complexion; Hairstyle; Body Type; Attire and Accessories.
  • Client specifies preferred (PANTONE) Character/s Complexion.

D. Scene Composition (Using Mannequins)

  • Studio (in close consultation with Client) creates several Mannequin scenes (excluding backgrounds) from which Client makes a single final selection that will inform sketches.

NB Factors to be considered include:

  • Camera: Angle, Distance and Lens Focal Length
  • Location: Indoors / Outdoors / Urban / Rural / Other
  • Ambience
  • Props

Comic Strip Proposal 2

E. Character Development (Sketching)

Character Development

F. Background Development

Background Development


2. Production

A. Inking

B. Line Refinement

C. Flood Fill

D. Effects


3. Post Production

A. Composition

B. Collating

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