Why You Should Add A Video To Your Landing Page

Why You Should Add A Video To Your Landing Page


Ever wondered why little kids are always glued to the TV screen when their favorite cartoon shows are on? It’s because ever since the invention of television in the late 1920s people have been amazed by video footage. It quickly became its own art form and later transformed into one of the most useful tools in the branding industry.

Working at a company like Breeze Website Designers (BWD), allows me to experience every aspect of the website creation process. One of the biggest objectives for a website is to increase conversion rates, this means more people viewing your site and knowing about your business.


Beneficial Advantages of a Video Landing Page

A very good way of increasing your conversion rates is by adding a video to your landing page. A video captures the viewer’s attention for longer periods of time and decreases the bounce rate of your site. Most of us have grown up watching TV, if we didn’t like what we saw we would simply change the channel. Nowadays we need to have a couple of options to keep people intrigued and interested. You can’t go wrong with good quality animations and motion graphics. Other options are simplistic design or using high-resolution footage for your landing page.

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Keep it Simple and Direct

Viewers don’t really want to put in a lot of effort, so it is advised that you make it as simple as possible for them to find out about your business. Adding a clear and direct call to action at the end of your video will suggest an objective to the user, this will clear up any confusion about your product and allow the user to simply interact with your company.

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The Trust Factor

You should add a couple of trust indicators into your video such as your name, testimonials and quotes from previous clients or even a picture of yourself, this will establish a trust factor between you and the viewer, as they will see that your company has a personality and not just think of it as a corporate machine. It will also make the customer more comfortable with your company and give them the confidence to approach you.

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Short is Sweet

This is the tricky part; your video needs to be short but informative and at the same time it has to pack a punch visually. Keeping your video short allows for it to be loaded quicker on your page, this is beneficial as the user won’t have any trouble watching your video.

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Call to Action

Add a call to action (CTA) to your video that is relevant to your business. This can be permanently visible, or be shown at strategic times throughout the video, or be presented right at the end.

Good CTA’s include things like:

  • Inviting engagement with your brand’s social channels through a dedicated hashtag or asking people to “join the conversation”.
  • Competition giveaway – “enter to win”. This is a very easy way to generate response to your brand!
  • Asking viewers to vote in a poll on your website.
  • Access to a “free trial” of your product or service.
  • Webinar invites – “sign up here.”
  • Entice the viewer to “watch another video.”

When done the right way, video explainers can impact your business’ flow in massive amounts. It’s just a question of how much you want to invest in your marketing budget.


For excellent quality explainer videos contact [dt_button size=”small” style=”https://www.bwd.co.za/” animation=”none” color_mode=”default” icon=”” icon_align=”left” color=”” https://www.bwd.co.za/”” target_blank=”true”]Breeze Website Designers[/dt_button] and start expanding your business today.

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