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Growth Hacking…Can You Hack It?

Hey what are you doing these days…? ahhh you know I’m on my hustle. Im sure we’ve all been in this situation before, you run into that old friend that’s never been quite able to get things going, that one guy that’s always “between jobs”. Whether you call it growth hacking, “being on your grind” or straight up hustling, trying to grow your business in innovative, cost-effective ways can yield some surprising results…I mean Ross built an entire career on telling people how good he was at it.

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A New Age In Advertising

If some random dude walked up to you 20 years ago, and told you that in the not to distant future you would have a packet-sized, voice controlled camera/calendar/flash light/music player/messenger/game console/remote/ map of the whole world, with more processing power than NASA, you would probably have them admitted for a very urgent psych evaluation.

Meet lesedi - The Graphic Designer

Elevating Your Company Profile

  So you’ve spent countless hours sitting in traffic, dodging mini bus taxis, meeting with stingy bank managers, and stood in line at the dreaded “Department” for what feels like eons, but somehow, by the grace of God, you’ve managed to get your exciting new business venture to the highest level. And naturally, you want to…

Meet lesedi - The Graphic Designer

Why You Need Art In the Office

Wherefore art thou, it’s a simple question with has been dramatically asked, the world over, but contrary to popular belief, wherefore art thou actually means “why” and not “where”. All right…all right I’ll spare you the rest of this 30 seconds trivia, and get down to the real reason you’ve stumbled into this lovely part…

Meet lesedi - The Graphic Designer

How Fonts Relate To Your Logo?

Unless you’ve been vacationing under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure you have had the displeasure of suffering trough “lil’Wayne’s” hair-raising voice. Years of cough syrup and misplaced auto-tune have resulted in the man sounding like a strangled cat, not that I’ve ever strangled a cat but that’s beside the point.

Meet lesedi - The Graphic Designer

Just Shoot Me

“Okay, but first let me take a selfie!”. If you don’t associate yourself with the wave of people swept up by the “selfie” fad, then at some point in your life you are going to find yourself slap bang in the middle of your very own photo shoot. When the time comes, and you are…

Meet lesedi - The Graphic Designer

How To Use Colour In Your Branding

As if managing overheads, rising capital and outfoxing the competition isn’t hard enough, anyone looking to build a successful brand, needs to traverse the depths of good and bad design. From the logo to the kerning on your company profile, every visual element you produce says something important about your brand. Of all the components…